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For your Special Snowflake

This card I drew, through redbubble. Link right here: pa-pow It’s a card plus envelope. Or a postcard, tote, phone case, scoop neck t-shirt or a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl. Just kidding about those last three.

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A Swan Lake so good it doesn’t even need an Odile.

Went to see Graeme Murphy’s Swan Lake a while back, (October 11, dang, over a month ago. What—you busy or something Adult Beginner?) This is Swan Lake, revamped and performed by The Australian Ballet, which I was super excited about … Continue reading

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Barre Belle. Hee, see cause it’s like a barbell but beautiful.

A friend treated me to a class at Barre Belle a while back, which is a barre sculpt studio in Hollywood, created, owned, and with all-classes-instructed by Marnie Alton, who was one of the original Bar Method instructors. Gentle Reader, … Continue reading

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Two fun things:

Restricted color palettes, and odd-angle selfies.

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Ballet-related no-fly-zones

Oh man, my little boy totally, like, leapt from the ceiling the other day and crash-landed on my hip bone with his head. Which was fine, he wasn’t hurt at all and I only thought I was going to die … Continue reading

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An update on the traffic cop situation

The update on this whole thing is: I got to class, took the same spot at the barre as last week, class started with the warm-up facing the barre, and I was all geared-up to ask all out-loud and stuff … Continue reading

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Got home from ballet just as this was coming out of the oven

Hell yes.

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