Give-Away is here! The Modern Classic Top + Tunic by gwenyth for Two Lucky Winners

*Give Away now closed! Stay tuned for 2 winners to be announced in a post Monday*

I’m extra delighted to present to you:
The chance for two, Two, TWO WINNERS to receive a Modern Classic Top + Tunic from gwenyth, in ballet pink!

There is such a hilarious range of possibility of color when we say “ballet pink”, so let’s get specific:

Here for color reference, on the left we have the Benjamin Moore Classic Colors paint swatch book, with somewhere between 1261 Paisley Pink and 1262 Paris Romance as a sweet match.
Don’t you love the names paint companies give colors? I do.
And on the right we have my vintage 1963 Pantone color book. So just, like, whip out your own vintage ’63 Pantone book and see that chip 510 is pretty close. As you can see from the color breakdown, there is quite a bit of white in this pink, and it’s blue based. Aw yeah, Pantone Matching System.

gwenyth describes ballet pink as,

Precisely the shade of that leotard you wore to your first ballet class, Ballet Pink is the stylish, grown-up version of a casual daily uniform for that prima ballerina in all of us.

Fired up? Great, let’s win this.
To win: please leave a brief comment below describing a color that has a special meaning for you.
Some examples:
Grey, like her eyes.
Or, Chartreuse, the first color I ever hated and then loved.
Or, keeping in the world of pink: Sweet&Low Pink, for the little white bowl full of little pink packets on my grandma’s kitchen table. Always thought it was so glamorous that she had those, just like restaurants do.
Dude, we are gonna get some poetry outta this thing, I’m excited!
Also, Man-dudes, don’t be afraid to enter, I bet you know a lady who could rock this.
Comments open starting now until Midnight on Friday October 24, after which I will select two(!) winners at random
That’s midnight my time here in Los Angeles, Pacific Time Zone.
One entry per email.
This give-away open to entries from anywhere in the world.
The two winners will be announced in a post Monday October 27.
Share with your friends, maybe they’ll win and give you a high-five. Or maybe you’ll win and they’ll be excited for you.

Here is a link to the gwenyth website, where you can check out the Modern Classic and all its special details, plus admire how luscious the ballet pink looks on a pretty redhead, and here is a link to a post of mine where you can check out how luscious the ballet pink looks on a cockatiel-head.

Big thank you to gwenyth for the generous give-away, I’m so pleased to be hosting Ballet Pink!

*Give Away now closed thank you thank you*

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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84 Responses to Give-Away is here! The Modern Classic Top + Tunic by gwenyth for Two Lucky Winners

  1. Laura Langley says:

    Rubbermaid blue. You know, that doesn’t-exist-in-nature blue that all the tubs and trashcans storage containers are made of? I hated it. I still hate it. But now it reminds me of my grandmother, who bought all her household items in that color. So I kind of love it?

  2. Aurélie says:

    Turquoise. Because it’s the favorite color of my mom and she always told that my stone (yes, according to her, everybody has a specific stone that bring you luck and can care some of your health’s issues…) is a turquoise. So she often offers me some jewels made of turquoise. I don’t believe this stone stuff, but I believe my mom’s taste ;)

  3. Katy says:

    I love that you give Pantone references for the colour! (There are some truly dreadful ballet pinks out there.)

    There’s a very particular shade of peacock turquoise that everyone in my mum’s family wears. My mum puts in down to a faux Tiffany lamp that her mum has which has burned itself into our communal consciousness.

  4. Rita says:

    Sky-blue, as both my kids have bright sky-blue eyes (and also my sister and my nephew). And I like pink, just because it’s a nice colour :-)

  5. A Writer says:

    Silver – of the magical trees in Middle-Earth that captured my nerdy middle-school imagination, and of the real, but still magical, silver birch trees that grew along the Charles river in Boston. Well, they still grow there, for all I know. They bring back memories of snow and grad school.

  6. wildmelantha says:

    That very special soft grey color that is the color of the sky when it’s going to snow. I remember noticing it as a child and it’s still my favorite color.

  7. Renee O'Neal says:

    That beautiful amber shade that appears when the setting sun illuminates a maple tree on a stormy day in autumn. <3

  8. Kitty Z.F. says:

    Bright, true orange. Like let’s-go-Netherlands or hey-I’m-not-a-deer orange. I started wearing it as a teenager specifically because my mother hates it. :D But I grew to love it for real and it always puts me in a good mood.

  9. Jessica says:

    Apple green, the shade we painted a room after our rabbit removed layered strips of painted old wallpaper.

  10. kitteacat says:

    Red, white, and blue – cheesy, I know, but my husband and I got married on the 4th of July and our wedding was decked out in patriotic tones. My two sisters were bridesmaids – one in red and one in blue, with me in the middle in an ivory dress. The pictures of the three of us are my favorite from the day (sorry to my husband!)

  11. A deep, hunter green. It’s the color of my eyes and my mom’s eyes, and trees in the middle of summer. When I see trees that color (instead of the twigs I’m stuck with all winter) it makes me happy to be alive.

  12. Bright sky blue on a clear day – I always marvel at the colors of nature.

  13. Tequila Mockingbird says:

    I love ballet pink, actually, because it is soft and warm like my feminine side. On stage (in life) it almost looks white, deceptive, yet alluring, it is playful and is associated with grace. I take ballet and my dream one day is to dance dressed as a ballerina.

  14. I remember looking down at my lap once while knitting and seeing the combination of my cream pullover sweater, light khaki pants and fawn-colored yarn on my wooden needles all blending into this pleasing and soothing neutral palette and then feeling all warm and happy inside.
    P.S. The comments on this post are so awesome. Poetry for SURE

  15. Steph says:

    Deep teal-green. It’s such a romantic and luscious colour, and reminds me of palaces, ball gowns and mirrored halls.

  16. Julie says:

    I like so many different colors depending on my mood. But that Paris Romance pink is appropriate right now since my husband and I leave for Paris in less than a month. How awesome would it be to win that gorgeous top and wear it at a ballet class in Paris?

  17. Mindy says:

    Spring green, always makes me happy to see the bright greens of new growth in spring

  18. Kate says:

    Vermilion- the colour of our first place ribbon when we ride to victory, and the colour I tend to see when we don’t ;)
    -an equestrian & (wannabe) ballerina

  19. Katie says:

    Ballet blue. Because it reminds me of being teeny and wanting to do ballet but also wanting to climb trees, dam streams and kill my brother and his friends. And I couldn’t do this while dressed head to toe in ballet pink but ballet blue, oh yes, I was still the ballet queen.

  20. Ruth Anna says:

    Green has always been a special color for me, I love exploring outdoors and the cheery green of trees is my favorite shade.

  21. May says:

    Lilac!! It’s such a soft, romantic, and soothing color. I used to love to pick lilacs for my mom when I was a little girl. I always chose that flower in particular because the color was so pretty and feminine.

  22. Audrey says:

    Turquoise has always been my favorite color and the one I’m most drawn too. Warm and cool at the same time, bright but not garish, all of my favorite jewelry is turquoise!

  23. Scentella says:

    Emerald green. I’ve always thought it was the most elegant colour. Not sure why, though. I imagine a silk evening gown on a poised woman.

  24. kahn says:

    Granny Smith Apple green, because those fruits always taste like new beginnings to me: sweet, with a hint of acid, and I always associate the color with the same sense of renewal.

  25. Kelsey says:

    The light pink my house was painted when I was 8, it was supposed to be off-white but it turned pinker as it dried. Much to the chagrin of my parents I identified our house as “the pink one on the right” for years

  26. Kirsty says:

    Sky-blue pink. It was my grandmother’s answer to my “what’s your favourite colour?” question when I was something like 8. According to her, it’s the colour of a summer sunset, when the blue is fading into pink. I’m planning on using it as my answer for whenever a younger member of my family asks me what my favourite colour is.

  27. Daria says:

    Black – My entire wardrobe is black (monochrome doesn’t mean monotonous – or goth). I am obsessed by this color. Most things I own are black as well. It is clean, simple, quiet, soothing. When I started ballet a year and a half ago, I bought a black leo, black tights and black slippers, but it didn’t take long for me to be converted to ballet pink (pink slippers and oh so many pink tights). To me, nothing symbolizes classical dance more than ballet pink. So ballet has made a pink dent into my all-black wardrobe.

  28. Emma says:

    soft light blue with a hint of gray – changes color with my mood and the color of the sky: looks cheerful in sunlight but can also be melancholy when it rains…

  29. GNR says:

    Slate grey – dignified, understated, nostalgia for the permanent skies of my Scottish childhood.

  30. Megan says:

    The cinnamon color of his eyes when he tells me he loves me.

  31. Natalie says:

    Red. Whether it’s lipstick, dresses, roses or power rangers, the red ones are always best.

  32. Nadine says:

    Red like lipstick. Red like power and attention. Red like energy!

  33. koolchicken says:

    Lagoon, it’s the only word I can use to describe my favorite color, a greenish shade of medium blue. Coincidentally it’s also the color I painted my kitchen and dining room. When the painters questioned it all I could say is “My cabinets and floors are dark, so it’s time to be beige or bold. And I am not beige.”

  34. Sharon says:

    Green, like the color of live oak leaves in summer, over my head while I was outside reading (to get away from my little sister, natch)

  35. Joyce says:

    Black, like my soul.


  36. daktulos says:

    Seafoam, because it reminds of nereids. I totally wanted to be one as a teenager and had this whole seafoam green costume planned. I still get excited when I see a seafoam green leotard.

  37. PBG says:

    I remember sitting on a rock in a national park with not a cloud in the sky looking at how the color started out kind of dusty white near the ground and darkened until it was a deep royal, almost navy. That was the best day.

  38. ania says:

    The midnight blue of the crayon in the box of Crayola Crayons I had as a child. If I look up at the stars at night in the mid to late evening in high summer the sky is just that color, flecked with the twinkling stars. Still my favorite color after all these years.

  39. Tessa says:

    sky blue, my favorite color in the fourth grade. I was so excited to have a rolling backpack in that color, and a matching binder, and pencils. Now I am going finishing off uni and my schoolbinder is still blue, and my math notebook, that same sky blue. Reminds me of when things were easier and I didn’t spend hours laboring on physics problems.

  40. Alice says:

    Woah, reading through everyone’s answers was beautiful. I’d love to see someone put together a book composed of pictures of people’s favorite (or meaningful) colors alongside descriptions!

    My color is a shadowy yellowy white color that I can’t quite describe. When the sun is rising or setting and I look at something through my eyelashes, I see these tiny little balls of light that are that color. Something about that makes me feel really warm and comforted in a magical sort of way.

  41. Jessica Koppe says:

    Do you know this pinkish violet-brown that adorns the blossoms of an Hortensia plant in early fall? It tells of beauty and changes, and it looks graceful and mature. I love that!

  42. jennifer says:

    I love dusty pink because it’s the color of my well worn ballet shoes!

  43. Lisa says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s put black! It’s the color of my Irish dance shoes, tights, and the pants or skirt I usually wear when I dance. Ditto my favorite salsa heels, and most of the slinky dresses I have found that both slink and flatter (not always easy to do). And my boyfriend’s totally boyfriendly hair, and much of the clothing in which he looks “Most Handsome” :-) So… lots of good stuff there.

    And forest green because, you know, trees.

  44. Kiralia says:

    Turquoise/Aqua ‘cos I remember how I was waiting a friend in my turquoise pullover in the university hall where everyone else was in black/grey/brown a few years back. Okay, fine, it was more than ten years ago. First a felt a bit out of place, but then I thought that I have time to wear those dark (boring) colors when I get wiser and older (which is never I think :D).

  45. Anna S. says:

    For me it’s emerald green. My family was quite poor when I was a kid, but I had a lovely godfather who was doing well financially and gave me a ring with a beautiful emerald as a present for a special occasion – I don’t remember what exactly, but probably for my First Communion. I was never allowed to wear it and my mom’s still got it in a safe somewhere, but it was the most beautiful item that I owned (but never *had*) during my childhood. Emerald green is still one of my favourite colours, my first leotard was that colour when I started ballet at age 23!

  46. AL says:

    I love that bright golden yellow, the one we used to draw the sun with, as kids, the one I see in buttercups or sunflowers, the one that makes me feel warm inside as if it was always summer :) and when it’s translucent, I love it even more !

  47. Suzanne says:

    A deep pinkish purple (à la Pantone 676) is my favourite. It’s the colour that lights up my skin and never fails to give me a little confidence boost.

  48. Shannon says:

    Blue! But a particular blue – New Mexican fall morning blue, preferably with the white trunks and yellow leaves of aspens to contrast.

  49. Elizabeth says:

    So hard to decide! I’m going to say a deep orange–the color of my mom’s old copies of “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Belles on Their Toes”. Some of my favorite books as a kid!

  50. Stacy I says:

    Pumpkin orange. I have these orange stretchy jeggings from uniqlo that my mother got me as a holiday gift. I generally wear shades of gray, black, or some very muted color. I got the message and wore them one day, horrified by the color. But hey, I survived and my boyfriend even complimented me.

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