Give-Away is here! The Modern Classic Top + Tunic by gwenyth for Two Lucky Winners

*Give Away now closed! Stay tuned for 2 winners to be announced in a post Monday*

I’m extra delighted to present to you:
The chance for two, Two, TWO WINNERS to receive a Modern Classic Top + Tunic from gwenyth, in ballet pink!

There is such a hilarious range of possibility of color when we say “ballet pink”, so let’s get specific:

Here for color reference, on the left we have the Benjamin Moore Classic Colors paint swatch book, with somewhere between 1261 Paisley Pink and 1262 Paris Romance as a sweet match.
Don’t you love the names paint companies give colors? I do.
And on the right we have my vintage 1963 Pantone color book. So just, like, whip out your own vintage ’63 Pantone book and see that chip 510 is pretty close. As you can see from the color breakdown, there is quite a bit of white in this pink, and it’s blue based. Aw yeah, Pantone Matching System.

gwenyth describes ballet pink as,

Precisely the shade of that leotard you wore to your first ballet class, Ballet Pink is the stylish, grown-up version of a casual daily uniform for that prima ballerina in all of us.

Fired up? Great, let’s win this.
To win: please leave a brief comment below describing a color that has a special meaning for you.
Some examples:
Grey, like her eyes.
Or, Chartreuse, the first color I ever hated and then loved.
Or, keeping in the world of pink: Sweet&Low Pink, for the little white bowl full of little pink packets on my grandma’s kitchen table. Always thought it was so glamorous that she had those, just like restaurants do.
Dude, we are gonna get some poetry outta this thing, I’m excited!
Also, Man-dudes, don’t be afraid to enter, I bet you know a lady who could rock this.
Comments open starting now until Midnight on Friday October 24, after which I will select two(!) winners at random
That’s midnight my time here in Los Angeles, Pacific Time Zone.
One entry per email.
This give-away open to entries from anywhere in the world.
The two winners will be announced in a post Monday October 27.
Share with your friends, maybe they’ll win and give you a high-five. Or maybe you’ll win and they’ll be excited for you.

Here is a link to the gwenyth website, where you can check out the Modern Classic and all its special details, plus admire how luscious the ballet pink looks on a pretty redhead, and here is a link to a post of mine where you can check out how luscious the ballet pink looks on a cockatiel-head.

Big thank you to gwenyth for the generous give-away, I’m so pleased to be hosting Ballet Pink!

*Give Away now closed thank you thank you*

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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84 Responses to Give-Away is here! The Modern Classic Top + Tunic by gwenyth for Two Lucky Winners

  1. wildtohold says:

    Cobalt blue. Or TARDIS blue, if you rather. The blue of the groove in our wedding rings, to be living on our hands in two weeks. I associate it with happiness, and possibilities, and feeling like I can wander the world, if I want to.

  2. Maddy says:

    Teal – reminds me of the ocean and my recent vacation to Hawaii!

  3. Yannie Tso says:

    Purple, the color that can have so many personalities and is NEVER boring.

  4. Bush Ballerina says:

    Golden glow. When I was pregnant I was very ill. I was staying in hospital around 16 weeks pregnant, and one night I decided to think of baby names to cheer myself up. I went through a few and then the name Emelia came to my mind, and at the exact same time I saw a flash of this amazing warm golden glow. It made me feel reassured and joyous. So we decided to name her Emelia (if she was a girl).

    She was born, a girl, with a head of golden hair.

    That’s been a special colour to me ever since.

  5. Periwinkle. I loved it when I was younger because no one else had periwinkle as their favorite color!

  6. Raquel says:

    Ballet pink is the colour that has special meaning to me. I wasn’t able to take dance as a kid due to lack of classes in my small rural community. The nearest studio was a 45 minute drive and there was no way my parents could afford the time and money to take me. However, I was obsessed with dance movies and specials on television, books about ballet, etc. Finally, when I was 31, I found an adult ballet class in the city I now live in. The first time I stepped into a dance supply store and tried on my first pair of ballet pink slippers is difficult to describe, but that colour represents the culmination of my years of wanting something so much and finally being in a place to acquire it.

  7. dhayes0310 says:

    Periwinkle was my favorite Crayon color when I was growing up and it continues to be one of my favorite colors. I like to think of it as the blue version of “ballet pink”! They are both such dainty and feminine colors :)

  8. Joanna says:

    Any kind of aqua or turquoise, because they make me inexplicably happy!

  9. Blue. I was married in Alaska and the blue water and the blue ice, it will always remind me of the beauty of that day.

  10. kaija24 says:

    Deep red with blue undertones…my favourite colour for clothes and lipstick :)

  11. amandakash says:

    Whatever antique, clear blue they make those super trendy mason jars out of. I found a bunch at a yard sale and I pretty much eat or drink anything I can out of them. Makes it instantly taste better.

  12. Cynthia says:

    Taupe! I’m obsessed with the color. I even painted several rooms in my house that color. It’s so sophisticated and calm.

  13. yt says:

    Different shades of violet remind me of the first cross-stitch I completed. I don’t remember what flowers I stitched, but I do remember the gorgeous magenta, purple, and fuchsia thread.

  14. Orchestral Dancer says:

    The bright golden color of fall leaves – and the Berliner Philharmonie. It is the color the architect Hans Scharoun chose for both the exterior and interior of the Berliner Philharmonie inaugurated in October 1963 and the golden color matched that of the foliage in the nearby Tiergarten. As of today the building has a radiance and glow that makes it one of my favorite happy places in Berlin both to come and listen and to perform.

  15. Martha says:

    Pink is a special color to me. When I was a kid, my family was pretty anti-princess, and pink was a frou frou color, not for serious women. BUT I love pink, so finally in grad school I realized I can be a strong smart scientist who also happens to love pink!

  16. Michele says:

    Yellow is special! It’s vibrant, happy, alive and sun-shiny; exactly how I feel in a ballet studio!♥

  17. Sunshine yellow. It’s the colour I made my parents paint my room when I was 6, and is still my favourite colour. You just can’t help smiling at it :-)

  18. shira says:

    Taupe! It’s my favorite neutral and the one that makes me feel most like the almost-adult that I am. Also the color of my first bridesmaid dress.

  19. Krisu says:

    Green–for any reasons, but I love this quote by Pedro Calderon de la Barca: “Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

  20. Anne-Laure says:

    I love apple green ! It’s bright and fresh and lifts my spirit :) I’d love to say it’s the color of my eyes, but… It’s SO not ahah ! :)

  21. seetachaganti says:

    Yellow like the feet of my beautiful pet chickens!

  22. Cerise says:

    The pink that used to run across the top of your blog. I like the ribbon drawing you’ve replaced it with, but I miss the color.

  23. kiwiktn says:

    Deep violet.
    When I was just nine months old we flew to visit my grandmother before she died and the airline staff gave me a doll with a rag body, plastic head and wonderful short, spiky purple hair. Considering this is several decades ago, it was almost renegade. I loved her, and when I finished high school I cut my long, beautiful dark hair extremely short in a fit of rebellion against everyone who thought I was shy and quiet, and dyed it deep violet. You’d never think it, but it’s a colour so deep and dark that it suits brunettes, and so it didn’t look as horrifically extreme as blue or red might. These days my hair is long and dark brown again, but my favourite hoody is the exact same shade of deep violet. It feels like camouflage, the invisibility blanket that gives me strength and sets me free. And reminds me that even dolls can break the mould and allow girls to dream.

  24. Jen says:

    I love mustard yellow! It’s a warm, fiesty colour that reminds me of picnics and hot dogs and preparing food in the kitchen with family and friends. It’s also a colour that I feel I can wear in any season – I have a mustard body suit that I wear with skirts in spring and summer, and a big fluffy mustard yellow scarf that I wear in autumn and winter. Would love it if gwyneth made leotards in a mustard yellow!

  25. Mrs. Darling says:

    Red, like the color I become when I trip and fall in class.
    (Awesome giveaway! THANKS!!)

  26. ClaireyO says:

    The purpley-blue colour of bluebells. My granddad used to use a brand of matches called ‘Scottish Bluebell’ when I was little and I always loved the design of the matchbox which had wee bluebells on it. They’re my favourite flower now and when ever I see a bluebell wood in the spring it reminds me of my granddad and those cute little matchboxes.

  27. nicole marie says:

    I love the redish-orangish color of the sunset. It’s just beautiful how many diferent colors the sky can take on.

  28. Nellie says:

    A sort of off cream-porridgey type colour that was the first yarn I learned to knit with, swore very much over, watched my elderly cat attempt to eat and finally produced an exceptionally wavy sides square with because tension was beyond the realms of y comprehension.

  29. Juu says:

    Aquamarine green. It’s always been a magical colour to me – the colour of mermaid fins and fairy wings. And it looks good on most skin tones!

  30. Sharon says:

    It’s not my favorite color, but it’s one that brings back memories. Hyacinth blue, a pastel, kind of purple-y blue. Reminds me of my childhood and paternal grandmother who died when I was young. There were hyacinths that grew outside my great-grandfather’s house. I also have an image of light blue matelasse quilts in that same house, though I could have made that part up.

    Recently I’ve been loving other shades of blue – deep cobalts and sky blues.

  31. Smokey says:

    The red of very ripe tomatoes. I love how bold it makes me feel when I west it! It reminds me of all the delicious tomatoes in the South of France that you can get in any supermarkets very cheaply. I’d eat tomato carpaccio for lunch nearly every day, just slices of tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper sprinkled over. In London, the tomatoes in supermarkets are mostly forced to ripen during shipping and never quite get to that lush juicy red colour.

  32. Margaret says:

    Pink for the rose pattern in the carpet of my grandparents’ formal living room where I practice piano every day as a child

  33. Brittany says:

    Purple is my favorite color, but trying to explain why I love it is like trying to explain my need to dance. There is something so intriguing about how red and blue mixed in different proportions can create so many unique shades of the same beautiful color.

  34. Give Away is closed! I have really really enjoyed reading these thoughts about colors, thanks so much to everyone who entered. Some have made me laugh, some have made me get all wistful.
    Post coming Monday announcing the 2 winners of the gwenyth Modern Classic Top+Tunic in ballet pink. Woo!

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