What one additional special thing should there be in The Stitch Kit?

Friend came to visit this summer, and brought me this sweet gift: the Stitch Kit made by Bunheads Dance Accessories.
I wasn’t taking pointe at that moment but she knew I’d totally enjoy this as a small thing filled with small things, and she was totes correct.
Something so delightful about little kits like this, funny little self-contained things full of things, with built-in features, like this kit has a little notch punched out of the lid that serves as a thread cutter so you don’t have to worry about scissors.
I unscrewed the lid and dumped it all out right away so we could admire all the exciting tools inside, which are:

Spool of strong shiny peach-colored waxed nylon thread
Two sewing needles
Little pamphlet with sewing instructions

We were delighted with all the little things and the pointe shoe photos in the little pamphlet, but both wanted there to be one more thing.
Not sure what.
One more special little luxury or witty little inside-joke-y dancer thing to balance it all out.
Like, one stick of gum. Except no gum in ballet class.
One bobby pin. Except one hair pin is useless plus not very special.
Maybe one bobby pin with a rhinestone. You know, for emergency sparkle situations.
One feather.
One pointe ribbon would take up too much space, same for elastic, it’s gotta be something small.
One miniature pixi stick.
One roll of Smarties.
One pre-loaded glitter eyeshadow brush.
One bandaid.
One packet of instant coffee.
One snake-on-a-spring to jump out and startle and delight other dancers when you lend it out.
One tiny tube of arnica gel.
One strip of beef jerky.
Three almonds in a plastic sleeve.
One miniature nail file.
One inspirational quote handwritten on rice paper.
One good luck charm on a safety pin to be pinned inside your leotard. Actually a safety pin would be a good idea.
One pair of stick-on earrings.
I could go on for days.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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12 Responses to What one additional special thing should there be in The Stitch Kit?

  1. When I make little sewing kits to sell or gift I include a band aid. Because.

  2. Casey says:


  3. guyenne says:

    Tiny tube of glue or clear nail polish – for fabric run repairs.

  4. gwenyth says:

    You are hilarious as always!

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