Pretty in pink. Isn’t she.

How about a bunch of pictures of meeeeeeeeee? Wearing the gwenythbrand Modern Classic tunic, in ballet pink?

Ruche those ruches, girrrrrl. Tie that bow. Wear those shorts.


Kind of a 70’s Portrait Of A Leotard feeling going on here. I like it. Let’s keep going…


Whoops, too sexy, AB, who you trying to fool?


That’s more like it. Such a pretty face.


Eames, you’re nothing but a photo prop to me. I stand on you. Eat my pointes.

Gentle Reader, you might remember I got to be a tester and feed-back giver for Gwenyth brand on the Modern Classic tunic, way back in the 1.0 kickstarter days?
The Modern Classic, which is a length-adjustable top, tunic, and dress all in one for Pilates, ballet, barre class, coffee dates, etc, based on vintage ballet rehearsal clothing, updated for the modern lady who likes things like stretchable fabric, and a bra?
Here’s a post showing the super satisfying unboxing experience, just if you’d like a reminder.
Gwenyth is now onto the 3.0 version of the Modern Classic tunic, new and improved with feedback from feedbackers.
For example Gentle Reader, if you get one, and you appreciate the strap across the back that attaches to the hidden internal bra and holds taut for added bust security, that was Totally My Feedback!!! You are totally welcome for that one!!!!!! It was my pleasure!!!!
I mean, I think that’s really cool, to see my own feedback implemented in a helpful way.
I mean.
The strap can be removed and used as a headband too, if you wanna. That part wasn’t my idea. But it should’ve been because it’s awesome.
How about one more picture? Ok fine.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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20 Responses to Pretty in pink. Isn’t she.

  1. Nadine says:

    COCKATIEL! I love this oh so very much . . You look bangin’, lady. ;)

  2. yt says:

    Yay for an internal bra! Now I want one.. How is it as a tunic or dress?

    • Cute as a tunic, great with leggings or work out pants. Probably great with jeans too but it’s been way too hot so I have no idea.
      I don’t wear it as a dress because it’s a super sexy look and alls I’m doing is the playground and story time at the library and stuff.
      My favorite is with shorts and a hoodie, so it acts as a camisole.

  3. A company that takes reader feedback? Nice! Is Cockatiel Lake coming up soon?

  4. Katy says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that they’re taking feedback from someone with an understanding of clothing in motion!

  5. rosario says:

    I was never a fan of pink until now!

  6. kitteacat says:

    I won one of the 1.0’s way back when they were collecting feedback, and I love it! Really interested in the bra improvements, which was my major feedback as well . . . If you don’t mind my asking, what size are you wearing? (Too personal??)

    • Oh I remember you won one, that’s neat! The bra is now bound together with the garment along the neckline instead of being a free triangle bra, and there is slightly less fabric to the body, making it seem more playful and delicate somehow, or maybe that’s the color talking.
      I went for a 6 this time, which I don’t really wear in real life, usually more of an 8, and in leotards I go for a large, but since this is meant to be close-fitting and there’s no girth-length issue like in leotards, the smaller size is great. For anyone between sizes I recommend going smaller not larger.

  7. Molly says:

    Oh, heyyyy, pink fishnets!

  8. gwenyth says:

    Hi! You are so ridiculously Pretty in Pink! Now that Psychedelic Furs song from the John Hughes movie is running through my head….

    Pretty in pink
    Isn’t she?
    Pretty in pink
    Isn’t she?

    I was never a pink girl. But by popular demand we did it, and now AB you rock it – so I’m glad we did! Such an inspiration and a Muse.

    Cockatieeeeeeeeeels forever!

    This week I attempt dance in Philadelphia and Boston. Let’s see if I can hang!

    xo gwenyth

  9. amandakash says:

    That looks so comfy. And glorious. Well done gwenyth and AB. Well done.

  10. Terez Mertes says:

    These pics are SO adorable…. And pic #4 is crazy b/c the way the chair is shaped made me think it was your second leg/foot and there’s this exquisite ballet line. Did you plan it that way? It’s kind of a brain tease.

    And gwenyth, I so totally blame you for putting the “Pretty in Pink” song in my head, b/c I know it will be there for hours. But… dang. You’re spot in. AB IS pretty in pink.

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