Tippy toes


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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11 Responses to Tippy toes

  1. Carol says:

    too big pointe shoes :) There should be no gap at the heel which makes them super tight on flat however keeps the blisters at bay.

    • Yes! They look so puffy! I never noticed before.
      They are really about as tight as I can manage on flat though, particularly the left. I’ve actually considered cutting the elastic cord in the back to give just the tiniest bit more room across the left heel when on flat.
      It’s the Bloch European Balance which boasts a padded back seam for comfort, maybe the comfort is not worth the extra puff.

      • Carol says:

        Pointe shoes aren’t really designed to be comfy on flat but I’m sure you’ve realized that by now :). Wetting the area above the box (water fountains may still be the preferred way to do that) being careful to keep the box dry might help the comfort level.

  2. Theyre not too big, everyones shoes puff out just a tiny smidge. I can see the puff where the padding is. You really dont need it… idk why theres padding there anyway.

  3. guyenne says:

    The style has changed since I was a kid in ballet – elastic is now done completely different on student shoes. The ankle elastic I was first taught was one piece across the foot like a technique shoe, and an optional second loop that was just to hold onto the ribbon on the back (kinda like the shoe tab on sneakers) – and it was narrow elastic. Now, everyone does either criss cross wide elastic (ribbons optional in this case), or one wide elastic ankle loop like you have, with varying placement of the back end of the elastic – all the way back to either side of the heel seam. I actually had to add padding to the back of a teenage pair of shoes b/c the back elastic loop ends on the inside would rub my heel raw if I didn’t have the padding.

    • My teacher is a fan of the elastic loop at the back to hold the ribbons.
      Back in 2011 I posted a picture after sewing the ribbons and elastic loops, and received enough comments about the dangers of elastics at the back seam and their propensity toward killing Achilles’ tendons that I was properly terrified and removed them for this pointe go ’round.
      Before I sewed the elastic across the front of the ankle though I took one class with just the ribbons holding the shoe to my foot. They stayed on, and I felt all cool and olde timey, but am glad to have the elastic as a safety belt.

  4. Nicola Lynde says:

    I just watched the tutorial and totally agree. That’s how I was taught to break in pointes, none of this slamming in door frame stuff, but a bit of shaping for your foot.

    • There’s a funny moment in Bunheads by Sophie Flack, which is a fun read, where the building maintenance guy is mystified by the doors coming off their hinges all the time on that one floor.

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