The Rhonda Jamb *and* Adult Beginner review of Adult Ballet at Hollywood Dance Center

Review By: Rhonda Jamb and Adult Beginner! A double reviewer review! So exciting!
Where: Hollywood Dance Center, actually in Hollywood
Class Is Called:Rhonda Jamb did Adult Ballet-Basic, Adult Beginner did Adult Ballet-All Levels
The Studio: is beautiful. You enter at street level and go INTO THE PAST!!!! Ok reals though, you go up this crazy orange staircase, arrive at a landing, go into one of the two studios and, oh yeah, the front studio has A CHANDELIER.
Amenities: There’s not exactly a changing room, but there is sort of an ante-chamber to the bathroom? Probably best to just show up with clothes on.
There’s a coffee maker. Don’t. Go to Foodlab up on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Street parking. Double check those street signs, don’t waste your ballet money on a parking ticket.

How Is It, Adult Ballet-Basic:
Rhonda Jamb here,
Dude the studio is SO amazing. Loved it. I even love the sign! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. I guess it’s hidden tho.
Adult Ballet-Basic was…odd. Taught by a tiny little woman with a lot of sass. She was obsessed with my posture and back but really didn’t give a hoot about anyone’s arms or feet. The class itself was very easy and relaxed. When she asked me if I knew tombé pas de bourré glissade jeté and I said I did, she was SO impressed! It was cute, I felt like some kind of ballerina. She was like “Who have you studied with?” (which I’ve never been asked so I ate it up).
The barre was easy, but pre-barre we did a floor warm up which wasn’t a warm up at all, and suddenly we had to touch our feet and I was afraid I would pull a muscle.
Class Size: A total of four, and one other girl was also taking the class for the first time.
Age Range: Two of the girls were mid-late twenties, one woman in her sixties (she got picked on the most so I’m assuming she’s a regular).
What To Wear: Everyone was at least in leos and tights. I think one girl may have been wearing leggings and a tank and she was the odd person out.
Rhonda Jamb’s personal look: Black cami leo, pink Capezio fishnet tights with seam, black knit onesie shorts and maroon 27” legwarmers.
In Conclusion:
I liked the class but I’ll def go back and try other classes. Such a dream studio.

How It Is, Adult Ballet-All Levels:
Adult Beginner here,
This class is taught by James Joyce. Who I only call out by name to point out that it’s not that James Joyce. So if you go in expecting “longest way round is the shortest way home”, well, I guess that could happen during like rond de jambes à terre or something but it would be totally coincidental. But you can still amuse yourself by going around telling people you took ballet with James Joyce, I know I did.
James Joyce not-the-writer was hilarious. He rolled in at like 2 minutes after the class was supposed to start, all wind blown and crazy haired, and taught the entire class wearing old-school slim-soled non-puffy Nikes. Who needs ballet slippers? Not James Joyce!
Loved his class.
Level wise I’d say it could suit anyone from True Beginner to Advanced Beginner, probably even True Intermediate. Felt like learning ballet from your cool dude friend. Really encouraging and fun, kept making us smile with things like, “Great. Now do it again but this time Even Better” and reminding us to dance, even during the barre, which involved balance, petite batterie, some things that were complex and fast, and some things that were simple and slow with time to really focus and get right.
Class Size: Small, intimate, personal, and whatever other words exist that mean he will totally see you trying to fake that one combination, so don’t even.
Age Range: Twenties to Of-A-Certain-Age
What To Wear: Yoga pants, leggings, t-shirts.
I wore my usual leo, shorts, pink tights uniform plus a big t-shirt for warm-ups, and ended up keeping the T the whole time in order to blend in.
Any Dudes?: Counting the teacher, one.
In Conclusion:
Totally go here. Adult Beginner Approved.




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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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8 Responses to The Rhonda Jamb *and* Adult Beginner review of Adult Ballet at Hollywood Dance Center

  1. Alissa says:

    You got me sort of addicted to ballet, do you know that? I started to read your wonderful blog, because of it I found others, began to watch ballet videos… and now it looks like I might actually start taking classes too.
    Look where did reading about Irish dance got me… so let’s see how Irish and ballet will go together :-)
    Have a wonderful day :-)

  2. Bush Ballerina says:

    Love that stairwell. Great review. :)

  3. Rori roars says:

    The unanswered question, though… did anyone swing from the chandelier?! ;)

  4. gwenyth says:

    Thanks for the school on a true beginner class! Looking forward to more!!!!

  5. Christina says:

    Lovely post! And thank you for the Chorus Line montage now stuck in my head… ;-)
    “Up a steep and very narrow stairway….”

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