Can there be some kind of club for this please?

Overheard before pointe:
“Did you sew your ribbons?”
“No, she did them.” (pointing across room)
“Oh how nice!”
“Yes it was nice. I made her a beautiful dinner with Sauvignon Blanc and she sewed my shoes. It was very nice.”

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Can there be some kind of club for this please?

  1. Sharon says:

    While I don’t like sewing the ribbons/elastic, it is part of the ritual. One simply must sew their own ribbons.

    • Well yes, one must prepare their own shoes.
      But on the other hand, maybe one must also benefit from the different talents of others and occasionally let a friend present one with food, wine, a skill-swap, and a fun evening together.

  2. lilacfairy64 says:

    I want to join that club!

  3. There is one (and only one) expert pointe shoe fitter in my city. She’s a dreadful pain in the ass, and we all suffer through her fittings as a right of passage. On my last trip to her store I heard her snap at a spunky teenager “if you can’t sew on your own ribbons then you are NOT ready for pointe!” so that is what I tell anyone who asks, now :D

    • Oh man, she sounds hilarious. I hope she’s got the goods to back up the attitude.
      I like that starting pointe ensures a person becomes at least competent with a needle. Good safety net to catch some who might otherwise fall through life without acquiring this important life-skill.
      Oh, I bet you get asked to sew ribbons all the time! Smart of you to have a snappy answer prepared.

  4. John says:

    The first rule of ribbon-sewing-dinner-swap club is ….

  5. wedoballet says:

    I was totally brought up on the “if you let your mother sew your shoes you are a baby who isn’t ready for pointe work” but we are not children.
    The wine/dinner/sewing club, sounds AMAAAAAAZING.

    • If the Unready Baby in question got herself busy making a beautiful meal for her ma while ribbons got sewed though, that might be an ok trade-off.
      Otherwise yeah, totally, if you don’t want those pointe shoes bad enough to obtain for yourself a skill humanity has possessed for thousands of years, then, like, you’re probably not ready and/or are a baby.

      • wedoballet says:

        Probably more of a “what are you going to do when your elastic snaps and Mommy Dearest isn’t there to help?… Or beet you ‘no more cotton thread!'”
        But like I said, we’re a slightly different population… I still have a new unsewn pair of shoes in my closet, and I’m a great cook ;) Anyone?

  6. Bush Ballerina says:

    Hahahahaha! Love it. I’m in.

  7. Jane Lambert says:

    I don’t understand the proposition that “if you can’t sew on your own ribbons then you are NOT ready for pointe!” I know that the frontier with its little house on the prairie where the pioneers did everything is still a folk memory in the USA but surely times have changed even there. None of us can do everything well and it is clear from the 19th century novels that that was as true then as it is now. Happily nowadays we no longer have to try.

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