O hai pointe shoes

Oh yeah so hey, like, the Adult Beginner is back en pointe.
Gentle Reader, it happened with a Bizarre Casualness.
Espech compared to last time, which was my first time, which was so much drama.
O, the drama.
There was the Asking Of The Permission, the Thinking, the Shopping,
the Sewing, the More Sewing, the My First Ever Pointe Class, the Heartbreak of the Sprained Ankle (not from pointe), the More Heartbreak of pointe class falling apart while I was away.
But this time?
1. I couldn’t go because scheduling
2. Schedule changed
3. Got out pointes, same first ever pair I never got to kill the first time around
4. Removed elastic loop from heel
5. Tried them on
6. Put them back in my bag
7. Went to class.
It felt like no biggie. Maybe I’m in shock or something?
Or maybe this time will be more about progress and not so much about the omg of getting to do pointe at all.
Nah, totally shock or something.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to O hai pointe shoes

  1. Zebra says:

    Yay pointe! Atm I only get to do pointe during pas de deux weekends, which is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from ideal: Need A Regular Pointe Class. Do not want to be picking up Bad Habits. Or having to explain how I’ve broken myself doing stuff I’ve not been taught to en pointe. Mwerble.

    Superpleased that you’re able to restart pointe & wish you Much Joy And No Toenail Loss :)

  2. wedoballet says:

    YAYAYAYAYA! Sounds like it really IS no biggie this time. You’re a rock star and you’re totally ready for this.

  3. Janet says:

    Great! I look forward to reading all of the juicy details.

  4. lilacfairy64 says:

    Yay! Go take pointe!

  5. abc says:

    Aaaaand…………How was it?????????????
    Details Please!

  6. Anonymous Dancer says:

    Wow, awesome! Re-congratulations on going en pointe! :) Have fun and give us all the details!

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