I see you baby, shaking that ass

WordPress sent me an email recently, saying Congratulations On Four Years Of Total Blognation.
Ok they didn’t word it exactly like that but they did say congratulations.
Four years!
Maybe you’re looking over at the archives right now and thinking, “Girlfriend, those archives go back to February 2010, this here is July, them congratulations is Late.”
Which would be true except that Adult Beginner was self hosted for those first few months, and had a crazy address that was like a string of un-google-able numbers and letters and never got any views and I felt like I was failing at internet, but now I really appreciate having had those few months to get used to the idea of talking to the entire internet before any of it could talk back.
I highly recommend it. Getting a few posts stacked up in the archive, getting used to talking in your own voice, then pa-POW! Explode onto the bloggy scene! I mean not that I exploded. It was more like: (hi!). And not that you need my advice. You’re awesome already.
But anyway, four years of ballet and blogging.
What has changed in four years?

A really blurry and oddly lit photo of Shorts!
Really short ones!
I made them!
The inseam is like one-and-a-half inches, there outta be a law!!!!!
Four years ago the Adult Beginner did not wear shorts, even in summertimez.
So thanks ballet! Thanks blog!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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15 Responses to I see you baby, shaking that ass

  1. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on four years! And the shorts! (I am with you on the shorts transformation, mine courtesy of two years of roller derby followed by a year and a half back in ballet now.) So so glad you’re blogging.

  2. Barbara says:

    Congrats!!! Not sure what I clicked on but your blog is the only one that ends up in my mail and I am GLAD!!! I have been out of the ballet scene for almost a year nursing a sore hip so your posts remind me how much I LOVE it!!!!!

  3. Basia says:

    Absolutely looooove your blog, you have an awesome sense of humour, puts a smile on my dial! Thanks for the lols

  4. Meeegan says:

    Happy fourth-and-a-little-bit birthday!

  5. Rori roars says:

    Happy blog-i-versary and yeah on the shorty-short-shorts! Funny, the other day I noticed that I own, like, zero shorts, aside from some pajama shorts, because I’ve been all anti-shorts the past few years… and I realized I’m kind of ready to jump back on the short-wagon… er, short-bus? Something. Why hide the ballet legs, amiright?! Thanks, as always, for your awesomeblog! Loved it then and love it now!

  6. Myrna says:

    Congrats! I’m an adult ballet student who began this past February! I have been creeping on your blog for months now. The adult ballerina blogs have given me lots of inspiration and laughs… so I started my own. :)
    I feel you on the shorts! I have been voluntarily wearing shorts this summer for the first time sinceI was like… 12. Thanks, ballet!

  7. wedoballet says:

    I think I read your first two and a half years of posts in order without stopping the day I found your blog! It was like a book :)

    I’m totally, shamelessly an AB groupie. Congrats on your anniversary!

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