I like canvas for summer

The Capezio Pro Canvas split sole.
Pretty. Insole bunches up under toes though. Just have to remember to take them off and smooth the insole out before barre starts or else I’m all princess-and-the-pea, my-pirouettes-don’t-work-because-my-shoes time.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to I like canvas for summer

  1. d1a2n3e4 says:

    Oh, I know what you mean about the insole-liniing bunching up! Very annoying. What sometimes works quite well is to tape it down flat, using a tape which is normally used for bandages (Leukoplast – the brown kind). That is fairly water-proof and tends to last for a long time. :)

  2. Martha says:

    I have these same shoes, and the bunchy insole is apparently part of the design. I just flipped them inside out and stitched the front of the insole down along the toes — problem solved!

  3. wedoballet says:

    I like canvas all the time :)
    It’s the reason why 8-year-old BoyMowgli rocks a pair of canvas Sansha split soles when the uniform clearly calls for leather (and what lunatic puts a kid in a split sole for their first shoe?). He’s a trend-setter though. There are like five little boys who all wear white canvas now! Bunchiness, and visible dirtiness abounds!

  4. ballettrist says:

    This is why I switched from Capezio to the Grishko Ultimate canvas split soles — the insole is sewed down, plus the suede patch at the forefoot is huge. I call them my pirouette shoes!

  5. kitteacat says:

    My first shoes are leather . . . have been thinking about making the jump to canvas!

  6. Seeta says:

    Grishko Performance Series is also a nice split-sole canvas that is pretty well sewn underneath; not very bunchy. And flattering to the feet.

  7. amandakash says:

    I like the feeling of my feet in my leather Capezio Juliet IIs, but I turn much better in my canvas Bloch split soles. But my Bloch shoes are so baggy. I may need a pair of them Grishkos…

  8. Zebra says:

    Canvas (split-sole) shoes all the time here: mostly cos of the herbivore thing, tbh. I generally wear Sanshas because I’ve such narrow feet, but am also fond of Chacotts because the canvas is super-soft&supple – and the elastics come ready sewn, which is a definite bonus, frankly!

    Thanks to my super-narrow feet & where my feet arch & that the Ehlers-Danlos flattens said arches when weight-bearing (funtimes) I always have to yank the elastics incredibly tight; & losing elastic into shoe renders it unwearable. Which is an absolute arse when it’s a brand new shoe…

  9. During the intensive my normal pair of Angelo Luzio canvas split soles were not cutting it, so a group of us made a trip to the local dance store in Portland. I picked up a dreamy pair of So Danca stretch canvas split soles that I love very much. So cushy to wear and perfect for turns. Love love love. I started wither leather shoes when I got back to dancing but really hated it and love canvas. Go big or go home bruh.

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