Take It Outside

A while back, Mr. Adult Beginner and I were at one of those big prop warehouse sales, where tv studios sell off old props and set dec and furniture and whatever they don’t want to hang onto anymore,
And outside by the racks of clothes was a portable barre.
Mr. AB was like, “want that?”
I was like, “Yes! Where can we put it? How about right in the middle of the living room!”
he was like, “uh, there’s totally no room in the house. I was thinking outside.”
And I was like, “Outside?! Ew what?! No, ballet can’t be outside! Ballet is indoors!”
And he was like “why?”
And I was like, “There’s…uh….shoes and stuff! You don’t understand, man, it’s just wrong! That’s why!”
And he kind of grinned and filed that away and then, more recently, I got a text from Mr. Adult Beginner, with a question:
(ding!) Hey, what’s your high-hip to floor measurement anyway?
And then even more recently and conveniently a friend came to visit and Mr. Adult Beginner put him to work in the backyard, digging holes and laying rebar and mixing concrete,
And then,

Look at those heavenly rays from heaven! Beaming down on my own outdoor floating-concrete barre and yoga platform!

These flowers are in the way. I’mma cut them!

Also these flowers. Cut you!
Happily, I still have my oldest, dirtiest and most scruffy pair of ballet slippers, the first I ever bought as an adult beginner. They are not too proud to ballet outside.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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24 Responses to Take It Outside

  1. Polly says:

    Kind of reminds me when my sister used to do Scottish Highland Dance. Competitions were always outside and you’d see girls with their oldest shoes and pieces of plywood setting up on the grass to practice. The brand new beginners who were on their first shoes would have socks over theirs.

  2. Jessica says:

    That is the sweetest and most awesome present!!

  3. Zebra says:

    I have so much envy. Alfresco ballet! Glorious!

  4. Teri says:

    Wha – WHAT????
    Mr AB is awesome.

  5. Molly says:

    This is amazing! Such a great present!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Wait, so you do ballet on the concrete? Or do you lay something down first? It’s beautiful, but that seems painful.

    • The concrete was chosen for its coolness and ability to withstand, unwarpedly, the death-rays that are LA summer sunshine.
      But if you’re worried about my knees, don’t worry, it’s a no-jeté zone. Too small for the kinda air I like to catch anyway (ha)
      And later it’ll be sealed for smoothness.

  7. Anonymous Dancer says:

    Wow, I’m a little jealous! When I want to do barre stuff at home I have to shove my brother and dad’s weight lifting bench aside and use the bench press bar…such a first world problem, but I still want a special ballet barre platform. :)

  8. Bench press barre. I like it.

  9. ballettrist says:

    I’m jealous too! Outdoor ballet sounds like a dream…until nosy neighbors start poking their, well, noses into my port de bras. On another note, I love how you and Bush Ballerina seem to have switched places — you doing ballet al fresco while she needs to move inside for the winter. :)

  10. whitbreadk says:

    Wow–big round of applause for Mr. AB. Your floating barre makes me think of the outdoor stage at Jacob’s Pillow: http://www.christopherduggan.com/jacobs-pillow-dance-photos-insideout-with-amanda-selwyn/

  11. Yay! It’s catching on! LOL

  12. Nice, Husband and I are talking about setting up a barre en la casa.

  13. I LOVE this! Too bad I rent…::sigh::

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