The Rhonda Jamb Review of Ballet (Beg/Int) at The Sweat Spot

Review By: Rhonda Jamb
Class Is Called: Ballet (Beg/Int)
Where: The Sweat Spot, Silver Lake
How It Is: Hi y’alls, Rhonda Jamb here again with more class reviews, this one not as glowing as my last. Key-wise, this class is straight up TI. Notice how there’s no B in TI? That’s what I’m saying, and to quote our favorite Adult Beginner, “RUN AWAY!” The Sweat Spot is owned by this guy Ryan Heffington who seems to have some sort of cult following in the jazz community, and I get the feeling that everyone looooves the Sweat Spot, however I think that feeling is mainly vibed off the instructors with trickle-down effects on some of the students. The instructors– who are actually just dancers– are fabulous dancers, albeit a fabulous dancer does not a fabulous instructor always make. I get the feeling that The Sweat Spot holds classes mainly to pay the rent so the dancers can have their huge, expensive studio. Good for them! Sucks for us. The barre combinations are fast and cockamamie, key word being cockamamie. The instructor kind of freestyles her arms, going from 1st to 2nd back to 1st, to 5th, occasionally landing back in 2nd. If I wanted to take a Modern dance class, I would (they do that in Modern, right?). Her barre makes me wonder if she’s bored and trying to entertain herself or simply just get the barre part over with. And she throws in random fouettes, which I long to master but can barely do, only because I have yet to learn how. If you want a challenging and semi-traditional class, go ahead and drink the Sweat Spot Kool-Aid. If you’re an AB, save your money. Which reminds me, bring cash! If you pay with a card you have to buy a minimum of two classes. I didn’t know this until I got there. Sad face.
Size: around 10-15 students
Age Range: 20-30something
What To Wear: This place is way too cool for your chiffon wrap around and pink tights. Most people had on leggings, tanks, an occasional leg warmer or two… less Fame, more American Apparel. More sad face.
Dudes: Yup. At least two.
Amenities: Parking lot is for employees only. Street parking is metered on Sunset, usually easy to find a spot. They also sell bottles of water or will fill your bottle up for a small fee.
In Conclusion: I don’t back it.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to The Rhonda Jamb Review of Ballet (Beg/Int) at The Sweat Spot

  1. amykauai says:

    Your comment about the instructor being bored reminds me of the weirdest class I ever took. It was supposed to be AB but there was a sub. In the center instead of showing the combinations In the the usual positions she said she wanted to mix it up and name everything by compass directions. So here we were pirouetting and she’s screaming “northwest! Now pas de bourre southeast! ” etc etc. Not fun unless you remembered to bring your compass that day!

  2. lilacfairy64 says:

    Oh dear! I’m afraid I may have done that to my adult beginners because you want to make it fun and basic ballet can seem so boring sometimes. Charging to fill up water bottles doesn’t sit right with me. Love your reviews!

  3. Jessica says:

    Paying for tap water? Wow.

  4. Jeff Tabaco says:

    I am loving this review project! And thank you for the dudes category: much appreciated by this dude!

  5. Debra says:

    They charge for water? Unreal…

  6. On their website it shows both a “beginning ballet” and a “basic ballet”. Is the class reviewed in this review “beginning ballet”? Since you had to buy the two classes are you planning on reviewing the other one?
    Hopefully they’re refilling the water bottles from a five-gallon jug of purified water, but still…

  7. Intransitive Verg says:

    I’ve taken several dance & Pilates classes here and completely agree with R. Jamb’s review. Also, in the modern dance class I took, the warm-up portion was this crazy Jane-Fonda-80s-workout-tape sh!tshow of donkey kicks and running in place. I exercise a lot, and after ten minutes of that, I felt like I was going to throw up/tear a ligament. Also, it might be a weird cult, but you can say that about a lot of stuff in Los Angeles.

  8. em says:

    They charge you for water??? What? I can’t even fathom that insanity.

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