The Adult Beginner Review of Beginner/Intermediate Ballet at Millennium Dance Complex

Review By: Adult Beginner
Class Is Called Beginner/Intermediate Ballet
Where Millennium Dance Complex, North Hollywood
How It Is looking at Rhonda Jamb’s key here, I’d say this class, if you do the entire class, is an AB or maybe even TI level. Which pretty much fits with my general experience that whenever the word “intermediate” is snuck into a class description, um, RUN. AWAY.
For example, one of the beg/int classes I took at Millennium, the center work started with brisés across the floor. Um, I think those are pretty advanced? Maybe it’s just me.
This is the only level of ballet offered at Millennium, but there are two different teachers, which creates basically two different classes. If you’re a little bit scurrrred, try Kana first, she demonstrates.
The totally awesome thing about ballet at Millennium is that you can just take the barre. It costs less, and is safer on the ego and possibly the whole rest of you too. It’s a good hard 45 minutes worth of barre with either teacher.
Size Around 30 students
Age Range mostly young. Twenties. Some even younger doing their summer intensives or whatever. Handful of people above 30.
What To Wear In a class of thirty, does it even matter?! Girl, yeah I know it does. Ok: not a whole lot of pink tights in this class. Pretty much just me and the summer camp kids were wearing them. This crowd leans more toward hip-hop than classical ballet, sartorially speaking.
Amenities There is a nice big free parking lot, but it fills up so don’t dawdle. Couple of changing rooms. I didn’t notice if there’s coffee or not but who drinks studio coffee anyway, just go around the corner to Republic of Pie after class.
Any Dudes? Yes. Enough to form their own group for across the floor.
In Conclusion I like Millenium. It’s not the place to go for tons of personal attention, but it’s great for feeling like part of a big dance community.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to The Adult Beginner Review of Beginner/Intermediate Ballet at Millennium Dance Complex

  1. wedoballet says:

    I’m not in the LA area, and don’t have any interest in trying new studios (heck I barely tolerate the occasional substitute for my beloved LadyM from a list of very familiar faces at TBS)… these reviews are not for me… but for some reason I love, love, LOVE them! If you wouldn’t mind taking a new class every day to satisfy my summer reading needs, that’d be great. Okay? Thanks.

    • Ha! Dude if dance studios had in-house childcare like gyms do, I so would. Glad you’re enjoying the reviews!

      • wedoballet says:

        Yeah, I guess your little guy isn’t quite old enough (and you aren’t quite irresponsible enough) to just dump in the hallway to fend for himself like I do with BoyMowgli, huh? Responsible parenting, pffft!

  2. jenerators says:

    Is there any chance you could find a guest blogger to review some classes in New York City? I’ll be visiting there in October and would love to have suggestions of where to take the odds class or two.

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  4. theempris says:

    I took some ballet here, it was kind of fast paced.

    I started ballet as an adult beginner, after 365 days, I made an epic ballet+travel video “The Spin Around the World (Ballet Pirouette)”! Watch it here:

    Also, check out my website, for awesome dance, fashion, and travel content!

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