Wear pink to ballet class, apparently

Only two of us in ballet class the other day,
And somehow, bizarrely, like we couldn’t have called ahead and planned it better:
the other girl was head to toe ballet pink-
And I mean H2T, as in headband, leotard, chiffon skirt, tights, legwarmers, slippers, even a pale pink warm up jacket,
-and I was black black black. Leotard, leggings, chiffon skirt. (Pink slippers though, I mean duh.)
This is weird on two counts:
1. Wtf opposites, and
2. It’s rare that anyone in my class wears a skirt. 100% skirts is Weirdtown.
But the point is:
Smirnoff and lé Assistant looooooved the pink outfit.
They were all plié Oh My Goodness You Look Lovely! tendu Oh My Goodness So Lovely! glissade Just Gorgeous Head Asplode!
And, I mean, that’s totally cool, she did look lovely, I don’t have a problem with that.
But then at one point lé Assistant I guess started feeling bad about all the attention they were lavishing on the other girl? And she was like, Oh, And You Also Look Nice!
And Smirnoff jumped in and was like, “You have a good mind!”
Which, omg Gentle Reader, totally cracked me up.
I accept that he was totally sincere and I consider that a great comliment, but how hilarious to hear She’s The Pretty One, But Don’t Worry, You Are Smart.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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35 Responses to Wear pink to ballet class, apparently

  1. Zebra says:

    Have to admit I find adults in head-to-toe balletpink (unless For The Lulz) sort of creepyweird. I am ALL for the Pretty Pretty Dancewear & own various things in balletpink (beyond the obvious tights & shoes, I mean) but I’d not colourblock in it: to my mind that is very much the preserve of those in single digits.

    I hasten to add that I don’t find ALL solid colouring creepyweird, but I never wear only one colour to class – most of my skirts are patterned (so pretty!) & most of my legwarmers stripy, but even if I wore plain legwarmers & skirt I’d not wear black & black with my black leotard. Mostly that’s about my love of the Pretty Pretty Dancewear & enjoying picking out leotards to set off patterns in skirts then choosing legwarmers to compliment them – less fun playing with plain fabrics, but still satisfying. It is also nice to hear things like “you always look so lovely!” – especially when it comes from professional dancers whose Yumiko leotards/custom legwarmers/unique skirts I’ve been quietly coveting…

    Is quite funny they felt the need to even out the compliments full stop, but “she’s pretty, but you’re SMART” is hilarious.

    • It is funny. Kind of sweet and charmingly clueless.
      You’d never wear black and black with your black leotard? What happens when you need to have a ninja-style battle royale on the studio roof top immediately after class??
      What Then Zebra?!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Zebra says:

        I guess if you’re in a small class they’ll feel more pressure to even compliments out. When there are about 30 of you just getting noticed at all can feel like an achievement…

        As my main studios have at least 6 floors (there are odd bits going off sideways + double-tall staircases & things making it hard to count…) I’d just take my adversary out in the bustle of the changing room; no rooftop battling, I’d be too knackered by the time I got up there. Ninja Battling is much more La Girafe Imaginaire’s area than mine, too. With The Stomping Hippopotami as back-up when required.

        For me, dressing prettily for class helps in a “Look Good, Feel Good” kind of way: I do feel a bit more confident when what I’m wearing for class is pretty & nicely-co-ordinated as well as meeting high standards of Neat And Tidy. Is pretty funny someone who mostly wears PJs at home & whose street clothes are all about being comfy is so particular about what they wear to class. I definitely spend more on dancewear than I do Normal Clothes – & my most (only!) expensive shoes are my pointe shoes.

        Perhaps time for you do consider another trip to that Aladdin’s Cave of dancewear to get yourself some Pretty Pink things & see if you get the Pretty Compliments?

  2. Barbara says:

    I can sooooo relate. I have been in many a class with just two and when the teacher would compliment the other dancer I would interpret the words to mean I. Barbara was NOT good. If the teacher said, “Nice jete’s Raquel I heard……Barbara yours were not good. Ahhh such is the life of ballet class but…..I LOVE IT SO!!!! Nothing else comes close to the challenge of dance.

    • And yet, if Raquel had flaked and missed class that day, it would be ALL ON YOU OH NO, right?. I always sigh a huge sigh of relief when someone comes running in at the last minute, turning my Too Much Pressure Surprise Private Lesson into a semi-private.

  3. RO says:

    Hahaha this happens in our class too… “lovely (name here), just lovely!!” – “Yes Rael, you know the exercise.”
    Thanks for the brains. Just thanks.

  4. Nadine says:

    I feel this story needs an illustration . . . 😉

  5. rosariok says:

    I am always the only male at my ballet class and I only wear black tops, black shoes with black tights. I never get a compliment on having brains or that I look lovely today. Some days it’s very difficult to fit in with such stunning smart women.

  6. Im weightist when it comes to adults in pink. Like omg I love the pink, but im a big girl and it just doesnt fly on big bodies. It is not slimming. Just. No.

  7. guyenne says:

    Pink leotards are creepy to me, even on little girls. Especially little girls with pale skin. I remember the advanced students complaining about their white performance costumes one year, because it was inevitable that someone would have her period for the performance dates.

  8. Paulina says:

    In flamenco classes, black is the colour worn by most students, especially the middle-aged crowd. The young ones may get away with bright orange and red, sometimes even shocking pink, but most students I know usually wear black shirt and black shoes with maybe a more colourful top or t-shirt. (However, I must admit I have worn a black skirt and top with dark green or burgundy leggings recently.)

    I’d rather be the smart girl than the pretty one.

    • I impressed my husband the other day: we were walking by a dance studio and couldn’t see in but could hear all this rhythmic percussion type noise coming from inside. I was like, “Flamenco.” And he was like “whoa, how’d you know that.”

  9. If you check your twitter account you will see that your article has provoked a lively little debate among my friends in my little corner of England. I’m not even sure that we can buy pink leotards for adults here even if we wanted to wear them http://www.radenterprises.co.uk/. I am not sure brains and beauty are such a binary choice, I am sure that there are many beautiful and clever women in America as there are here and also that you have both qualities.

    • Well, I mean, I don’t wanna brag or anything…

    • Zebra says:

      Er, ballet-pink (as well as other shades of pink) leotards for adults are available in abundance in the UK in quite a wide range of styles & even fabrics other than the most-common cotton-lycra mix. Dance Direct alone has about a dozen ballet-pink leotards for adults & a choice of three ballet-pink skirts to go with them. So should you feel the need for a pink leotard there are plenty for you to choose from. I think I still have a cotton camisole strappy-back Capezio one (might have been donated to Cuban ballet school) & have a lycra halter-neck one (with turquoise trim) that I’ve somehow (peril of owning a LOT of leos) never got around to wearing. When I do wear it, however, it will not be with my pink skirt…

  10. robin says:

    Yikes I can’t even imagine wearing all pink ! I only wear dark colors. 😊

  11. koolchicken says:

    I might do it, but I’m into the whole head to toe uniform color look. I’m also 5’10” and slim, so it’s easier to pull off as well. I think if you have any serious bumpage (that’s a word, I just made it up) then it’s just too noticeable and I wouldn’t have done it when I first started for that reason.

    • Back in the late ’90’s I remember seeing some magazine article about club kids in NYC doing head to toe color looks. I tried it. Bright blue. It was fun, like I was a super hero that night.
      All one color does create a nice looooong uninterrupted line. I guess the level of difficulty for ballet class would be finding tights in a color other than white, pink, or black.

  12. Rebecca says:

    (We had a coincidental coordination of character skirts in our syllabus class on Monday, as though we too had called ahead to arrange it. Looked very fetching though, all with different ribbon colours, like a well-variegated corps de ballet.)

  13. Terez Mertes says:

    Head to toe pink beyond age 10 – ewww. For an adult, yikes. It’s what Natalie Portman wore more than once (always?) in Black Swan. That says it all.

  14. Terez Mertes says:

    … Except now I’m feeling bad for the woman who wore it and maybe she will read this. Um… Let me rephrase: head to toe pink on me? Ewww. Me as a 51 y-o adult? Yikes. Am envious of the adult woman who can pull it off! ((There… is that PC enough?))

  15. kaija24 says:

    I have darkish/olive skin with golden undertones and pink apparel makes me look jaundiced…nope, not going to wear the pink ballet clothes. However, I can appreciate them on the younger and rosier of complexion. I’m tall and rather intense, so black/dark colours (or jewel tones when I’m feeling edgy) suit me…plus, I love that imagery of a ninja fight on the roof ;)

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