What I got at Danny’s Warehouse

The haul:

Let’s break it down.


Bloch long sleeve with ruche front and a super hot little ruche at the base of the low scooped back, in hunter green. Interesting silicone grippy edge along the inside of the leg openings
Body Wrappers 3/4 sleeve with princess seams and ruche front, in aubergine
Danskin Platinum tie-dyed tank with low scoop back, in black with grey and a little dark purple and green
Why did I buy two leotards that will be too hot to wear until next November? Because my prerogative. Because they are so classic and pretty!!!!!!


Capezio Signature Collection pleated chiffon skirt in black
Bal Togs stretch velvet shorts in grey


Mondor in black
Capezio Teknik II in black

Oh look, I’ve just costumed a Stevie Nicks video.

Also note the grabby hand. The shoes are for the boy, not because he’s taking class (he’s only been walking for seven months, come on), but because they are tiny and hilarious.

Grand total: $70.85
Here’s the website for Danny’s so you can plan your trip.

Oh, and I should add, I was there for one hour and fifteen minutes.
Things I didn’t even bother to look at include:
-pink leotards (3 boxes)
-white leotards (3 boxes)
-red leotards (3 boxes)
-blue leotards (3 boxes)
-yellow leotards (2 boxes)
-ballet tights (small selection, packaged, displayed on wall)
-leg warmers (?)
-sweaters (?)
-children’s leotards (whole wall of ’em)
-children’s costumes (small room)
-unitards (one rack)
-ballet slippers for adults (racks)
-that one back corner
-that other corner
-most of the front room


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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15 Responses to What I got at Danny’s Warehouse

  1. Janet says:

    Great haul!
    The grabby hand looks like it has a lot of practice. Is Mr AB able to watch the boy when you go shopping?

    • Those are some grabby grabbers alright.
      My husband watches the boy every week when I go to class, but for this particular trip they were both with me, it was Mr. AB who selected and fit the tiny slippers.

  2. nicola lynde says:

    This place looks and sounds soooo amazing.

  3. RO says:

    Love those leotards!!!! And all that stuff at only 70.85… Jeez louise!!!!

  4. Naya says:

    Yes to the tie-dyed leo! So retro! :)

  5. chrisgo says:

    Those silicon grippy things are pretty cool. Most of my bike stuff has those grippy things around the leg openings and at the bottoms of the jerseys too. It keeps things from riding up or shifting around while I’m busy winning the tour after attacking the peloton climbing Alpe d’Huez.
    BTW, that place looks pretty keen!

    • I’m curious about whether the silicon will grip tights. Seems like that stuff is usually used in places where it can grip bare skin, like the top edge of strapless bras, speaking of things one wouldn’t want shifting around while winning the tour.

      • chrisgo says:

        Oh, they totally will. Those grippers grip your skin pretty well, almost to well at times.
        There are occasions when I wear tights under my bike shorts. You know… when it’s cold. Plus, I think it looks better that way.
        I’ve learned you have to flip the grippers on the shorts upside down otherwise they grab at the tights pulling them along making things harder than it should be.
        Once you have everything where it should be everything tends to stay put.

  6. Heather says:

    If I could live my life like I’d been costumed for a Stevie Nicks video, I would.

  7. Rebecca says:

    LOVE those back ruches on the Bloch.

  8. OK so. If you love dancewear like I do – and I think you do – you absolutely have to watch Kathryn Morgan’s youtube video showing her leo organization and there’s another one where she shows her leotard collection piece by piece. TDF. She started videoblogging in earnest recently and there’s tons of great stuff actually, including a classic follow-along barre you might like to try with your outdoor studio.

  9. Cynthia says:

    Not sure if this is a actually new feature, but Danny’s Warehouse now has an online shop. In case anyone is interested, I’ll share my experience. I ordered 3 pairs of tights (2 back seam tights and tan shimmer tights) and decided to take a gamble on a leotard. With shipping, my order came to about $30, so not such a big deal if everything came out terrible. My order arrived 6 days after the order was placed (I’m in DC). One pair of tights came exactly as ordered (a pair of ballet pink back seam tights, turned out to be Danskin). One pair of tights came in the correct size and color but came in the wrong style (should have been theatrical pink back seam but turned out to be Danskin shimmer tights). The last pair was the correct color and style but was the wrong size but since it’s a size bigger it’s still wearable (Dancin’ tan shimmer tights). The leotard turned out to be a Bal Togs lace short sleeve leotard ($33 at discount dance). The leotard actually fits fine but there’s a small hole in the lace in the back. I’m not really sure if it’s fixable but I also don’t have much sewing experience. Overall, even though the order didn’t turn out perfect, it’s still feels like I got a pretty good deal for what I paid. So I’d still recommend ordering from them but to keep in mind that things may be substituted or they may not be accurately described on the website.

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