Make friends at the barre.

Someone in my ballet class is smelly.
Pretty sure I know who it is.
It’s not me, but there’s always a moment of horror where I freak out and worry that my hippie deodorant has failed and maybe this time it is me, but it’s definitely not me.
So I made this:



About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to Make friends at the barre.

  1. wedoballet says:

    Ahhhhhhh! A new woman in class stood behind me at barre and then went in my group in every floor exercise through class… at a certain point I got so paranoid that it WAS me I gave up on being covert and was ready to smell myself in the corner… then she walked by and I knew… she’s very nice though.

  2. d1a2n3e4 says:

    Oh, this is a very common occurrence, isn’t it?

    It is hard to find a “nice” way of letting the person know that it is bothering you, and you think you could help.

    There are, sadly, some fabrics which seem to mutate into stench-producing-monsters when they have once been sweat into. :o
    Some of my favorite leotards became unusable after a short time due to this. Now I only use sleeveless ones, and if it is cold (as it often is where I live) I wear cut-off-tights underneath as long-sleeves; these are inexpensive, come in many colours and can be replaced quickly and easily if they “mutate”.

  3. RO says:

    Ohhh man I have a girl in my class that smells too…… it’s not very nice to be the one dancing after her in a waltz across the room, lemme tell ya.

  4. Rori roars says:

    I’m relieved I’m not the only person who develops Perspiration Paranoia! And then I do the whole, hm, let me itch my nose with my shoulder thing which generally leads to inconclusive evidence, i.e., “I don’t THINK it’s me, but I could be wrong, and I can’t reasonably go and itch my nose with my OTHER shoulder because then everyone will think it is, in fact, ME who stinks even though I’m pretty sure it’s actually the usual culprit standing next to me.” This is the main reason I haven’t switched from my creepy, full-of-unpronounceable-ingredients deodorant. Accepting all suggestions for effective, hippie brands here!

  5. It’s one thing to smell after getting your butt kicked in warm up or across the floor, it’s another to walk in with clean but smelly dance clothes. YUCK!

  6. Jessica says:

    I had my hippie deodorant fail me in class one time. It was horrifying. Hippie deodorant got fired.

    • I might go ahead and switch to something less hippie for summer timez for fear of this exact thing. Quit it before it quits me.

      • Trippmadam aka (Tía) Paulina says:

        Oh yes, failing hippie deodorant! Happened only once, but made me switch to non-hippie deodorant for the rest of my life.

  7. Zebra says:

    Oh gosh… I have a really REALLY good sense of smell, so can smell The Smelly Person from some distance. In your regular class you do get to know Who Smells, but when it’s someone new or you think Smelly Person’s surely too far away you freak & think it must be YOU & oh just WHY & *attempt to sneakily smell own armpit[s]* oh no seems ok BUT WHAT IF IT’S NOT….???!!?? All very traumatic…

    Ironically, those who really DO smell do not seem to care in the slightest. Surely they must know? Some/most of them, at least?

    Because my sense of smell’s so good (& my body’s so wrecked) dancing near someone who smells is a Very Bad Idea for me because it’s hard to dance well when fighting not to throw up. Mnyang. I had several months in one class trying to manage the awkward situation of me trying to avoid Smelly Person while she tried to dance almost on top of me for copying purposes. It was not a happy time.

    Some of my friends have had to dance with someone who smells so awful they automatically try to hold their breath as they dance. Which also doesn’t work so well. Not just a deodorant-fail smell, either: this is full-on Unwashed. Including the dancewear, which is All Kinds Of Grim. If you’re a kiddy in a weekly class of course your leo doesn’t need washing each time. If you’re an adult, leos & tights should be worn once then washed. Anything else is just… Ew.

    Part of class is coming dressed properly & being clean&tidy. Trying as hard as possible not to stink is just Doing The Decent Thing for your classmates & also your teacher. If you’re going to be doing an activity where your teacher needs to touch you, surely it’s polite to make sure they’ll not feel the need to scrub themselves clean after doing so. We’ll all get sweaty in class, but there’s a difference between that & someone whose leotard is stiff with dirt&sweat & has suspicious stains & tidemarks over it.

    I know the Degas dancers wouldn’t have smelled so sweet, but in the C21 only a tiny minority of people [in developed world!] genuinely have an excuse for Smelling Unpleasant. Chances of any of said people being in class with us is pretty remote, really…

    However, while I am all for deodorant, I would just like to add that I am for people applying deodorant to their own armpits in a reasonable amount (ideally from a roll-on) in the changing-rooms. People spraying themselves from top-to-toe with deodorant/bodyspray in the studio is nasty. Luckily changes to formulations of aerosols since my teens mean I no longer react quite so badly as I used to. Although I guess me getting carted off in an ambulance might stop people from using aerosols in the studio? Maybe?

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