You’re never fully dressed without a sous-sou and a smile.

Had one of those classes last week,
Where, by the end, moving across the floor, my one goal was just to go the right direction.
That’s it.
It was some kind of thing involving chassés zigzagging to the back, and there was a pas de chat and an assemblé and some balletical running involved, and a helluva bunch of other stuff,
And I pretty much kind of knew what we were doing, in my head, but also knew that my legs were so tired that by the time I hauled myself up into the pas de chat everyone else would’ve landed and moved on, so better just skip it and step to the next spot and then do the little run and then the next thing and keep going and end it in the correct place with a sous-sou and a smile.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to You’re never fully dressed without a sous-sou and a smile.

  1. Paulina says:

    Haha, that reminds me of a class, where the teacher kept including balletic jumps in a flamenco choreography. It was nice and not really difficult, but at the end I was really tired and thought something like “no, I am just going to stay down here on the floor.”

  2. nicola lynde says:

    We’ve all been there, where the ultimate goal is getting across the floor with the least amount of pain and embarrassment. But that firmly plastered smile always does go a long way…

    • I like it how the smile can change through the moment too. Like it starts out kind of wry like, “fine, let’s just do this,” and transforms through “omg I’m ridiculous” to “yes! I made it!In your face, Doubts and Tired Legs!”

  3. guyenne says:

    I had a teacher give the advice that you should just keep bouncing at about the right times (preferably with arms) and then the messed up feet would be much less noticeable.

  4. Rebecca says:

    There’s one quick enchainement in my new syllabus class where I have to skip the pirouette just to ensure I land going in the right direction for the next bit. At least it’s the same every week, so I’ll have a chance to learn it. Arms, smile and and eye line…

  5. Lais says:

    I’ve officially gone through all of your blog posts Ms. AB, I just binge-read in the last few days, while I contemplate the idea of going back to Ballet! I’m 21 now, and took classes when I was a kid. Never got the chance to go on pointe though :( I’ve been looking for adult beginner classes around town, and even found a few friends that share my desire to start ballet! I really want to start right away 😊 I love your blog and your writing style! Keep it up!

    A fan from Brazil.

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