Chocolate Bunnies go on half-price sale today,

Get them before they get you.



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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to Chocolate Bunnies go on half-price sale today,

  1. Hardly a bunny. More like a kangaroo.
    Coincidentally, my ballet teacher’s children, aged 6 and 8 respectively, gave me my first chocolate rabbit for decades this Easter. It was big but not quite as big as your Behometh bunny but it was more than I could consume alone.

  2. nicola lynde says:

    This is hilarious. This year I got an egg, and eggs are not half as fun to eat as a bunny.

  3. Nadine says:

    Hey babe, I could well be wrong, but have you broken in your pointe shoes?

    • You are correct, they are not broken in, and here’s a way too long story about why:
      In February of 2011, some of the girls got my teacher to start a pointe class. I remember watching Smirnoff break in shoes for one of the girls, kind of an odd method, mostly softened neat the toe, not like anything I’ve ever seen online.
      April 2011, with encouragement from a classmate, I asked for permission to join. It was granted. I was THRILLED. Had thought pointe was something I’d never get to do.
      Bought shoes, sewed the ribbons, darned the tips. When I asked my teacher about breaking them in, he said no, definitely not, don’t do anything, let the shoes break in naturally through the work in class. I wondered why he broke in the other girl’s shoes but not mine, but never asked, figured it was a difference in feet or shoe make or something.
      May of 2011 I began pointe. It was amazing. By my third class another girl asked if the teacher had broken in my shoes, said my feet were looking much more arched than they had when I first joined the class.
      June 2011 I took a regular, flat-shoe ballet class with another teacher in another city, and sprained my ankle. By the time it was healed, the pointe class had disbanded. I never did get to do enough in them to naturally break them in, although I think I was getting there.
      Maybe someday.
      In the meantime I still have the shoes for photo purposes, although I didn’t go en pointe for this shoot, just kept it horizontal.
      It’s funny, I’d forgotten that they never actually broke in!

  4. And now here we are, a year after this post, my boy got to eat his first chocolate bunny ever. The scale of the bunny in the photo is a pretty accurate representation of him versus his chocolate bunny.
    Ok not really. But it was definitely the largest amount of chocolate he has ever been allowed to eat by himself, and he did an extensive study of it from all angles before going in for the kill. Ears first, of course.

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