Sidewalk’s for regular walking

We were doing waltz steps around the room in ballet class the other night, regular ones, and then the turning ones, and three things happened:
Thing 1. I was wearing a ball gown, in my mind.
It had a massive skirt, and with every slow step of the slowwwww-quick-quick that is the waltz, I would use my whole leg all the way from hip to toe to push the weight of that full skirt and all the ruffled underneath layers of petticoats, I’d push it all forward and then during the quick-quick I’d catch up before the heavy skirts fell back into place.
Also, I was keeping my weight slightly forward (with a very straight back because imaginary corset), partly so I could peer over the skirt, and partly to make sure the entire ballroom wasn’t missing out on how the imaginary low-cut bodice was presenting my fabulous rack.
Thing 2. I figured out the mystery of the waltz: it’s just walking.
Just regular old left-right-left-right, but with a count of three to confuse everything.
I’ve been doing the waltz correctly pretty much for a while now without thinking about it or knowing how I was doing it right, just doing it and trying not to ruin it with thinking, but then we did this adorable thing where we all held hands and waltzed around in a circle and then changed direction, like something out of a Botticelli, and I didn’t know what we were doing at first so I was just walking, just regular walking, and then started walking in time to the slowwwww-quick-quick of the music and then was like WHOA. STOP. HOLD THE PHONE.
Thing 3. I shared this waltzing revelation.
This one girl was getting called out, and of course when you get called out during the waltz it does not help At All, and I know because that was me all the time, I’d be, like, adding a hop or trying to sneak in another step and he’d be like, “My Dear! Your right foot! Your right foot!” And I’d be like OMG STOP I HAVE NO RIGHT FOOT THEY ARE ALL LEFT FEET.
So after class I told this other girl about how the waltz is just walking, and Dude, Gentle Reader, I felt really hesitant about even bringing it up, I mean, I’m not the teacher, and maybe she was over it and just wanted to go home and look it up on YouTube or forget the whole thing and who am I to give tips anyway, it’s not like I’m even slightly an expert, but I told her anyway,
And she was like, what do you mean, walking? And then tried some more and was like, Oh FFS. It’s Walking!
Seriously though, it’s just walking. My mind is still kind of reeling.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Sidewalk’s for regular walking

  1. nicola lynde says:

    The waltz is the absolute worst thing for me to try and think about. If I just do (i.e. walk) it works, if I think, curtains. My beginner teacher always makes everyone walk before we do any waltz steps, and this seems to really help, while my intermediate teacher expects it to just happen, and often ends up with multiple people over-thinking it and having trouble.

  2. RO says:

    Hahaha love this entry!! When the waltz finally clicks, it’s amazing ;-)

  3. Nellie says:

    Oh God, me and the waltz are just… Argh. Some days it’s there, some days it isn’t and I can never tell which is going to be which. The other day I was having total trauma at my teacher after class because it was a bad waltz day, not helped by another teacher popping her head round the door and pointing out I’d managed it JUST FINE the other day…

    Waltz is walking. Walking. YOU ARE A GENIUS.

  4. Hahahaha! Great entry. I have the exact same reaction when I get called out while doing a complicated step. Will try to think of the waltz as walking tonight during class – great advice!

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with the waltz. Some classes I do it just fine and I feel like I’m floating across the floor like a Prima, and other days my legs and feet decide they’re going to pretend to be tied up with rope and I end up just tripping all over myself. It’s not pretty.

    I really need to get a hang of this Waltz In A Circle concept, because we have to do it in our End of Year recital and I’m the one starting front and center. (No idea how that happened…)

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