Oh Brown Scarf, why don’t you love me like I love you?


I have this scarf that I really love,
It’s silk, it’s vintage, I picked it up for like a dollar in a thrift shop in South Dakota.
The pattern makes me think of herbal tea and wild flowers.
When I wear it to ballet class, and I turn my head to the mirror to see my beautiful scarf, it suddenly looks exactly like an old dish rag.
Just not my color.
Lé sigh.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Oh Brown Scarf, why don’t you love me like I love you?

  1. Neisha says:

    Haha so funny!

  2. Diane says:

    This really had me laughing, too! Thank you. I totally relate.

    Question: when you wear scarves to ballet class,how do you wear them so that they remain in place, on your head, even during multiple cambrés, pirouettes, chainés, and etc.?

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes, how DO you get it to stay put? I have some awesome silky headbands that lie unworn due to major slippage problems.

      • Two things:
        1. See how the fabric in the photo has a slightly bumpy texture? That’s a crepe weave. Crepe grips better than smooth slippy satin. I have a few satin scarves that I don’t bother even trying to wear in my hair because they slide off if I raise my eyebrows.
        (Fabric Nerd here- silk is the fiber, satin or crepe or twill or etc is the weave. So you could have a scarf that is silk satin or silk crepe, polyester satin or polyester crepe, and so on. People sometimes refer to costumes being made of “silks and satins” but that’s kind of like referring to a fruit salad as being made of apples and slices.)
        (I know, nobody likes a Fabric Bore, thnx bai )
        2. The drawing is kind of a lie. Unless I was having a really curly (read: bumpy) hair day, I wouldn’t wear a scarf with a high bun. I wear a low chignon style bun or even better Two buns pigtail style to anchor the scarf.

        • Diane says:

          AHA! Crepe! I LOVE learning about fabrics. :) Seriously, if you decide to do a post on fabrics you think would do well for costumes or so, I, for one, would be very pleased.

          – Slippage or not slippage: yes, two pigtail-style buns would make it stay a bit better, I think. I will have to try that; though my hair is not exactly voluminous, so they might look like pig-bellybuttons instead of little pigtail-buns. ;) :p

  3. RO says:

    Hahaha poor you!

  4. Paulina says:

    Scarves almost always look like dish rags on my head. Obviously, I am not a scarf lady :-(

  5. I hate when you leave the house feeling super duper cute, and then you get to the studio with terrible bright lighting and all the mirrors and you realise that your ‘super duper cute’ outfit highlights every super duper lump you have on your body.

    Ah well.

  6. natalie says:

    love the scarf, reminds me of a childhood pillowcase. maybe you could just tie it on a bag in a whimsical sort of way? my hair is too short for a bun so I usually twist it back into a sort of low chignon (read pile of hair) with a whole load of pins, but one week I just hadn’t used enough, I don’t know why but it kept falling down and I kept trying to fix it. During the break, quite a few ‘girls’ were chatting and the teacher said to me ‘those girls, they are all talking about how to do their hair!’ I take it this was some sort of hint that I ought to do my hair like them, but I am 30 and I am not ever going to be a prima ballerina. I will have my hair how I like. Funny how the ballet pleasure spreads from the ballet itself to deciding how to do the hair, dress etc and so on :) love it all.

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