Philosophical yogurt discussion and indulging in Giselles plural.

Mr. Adult beginner and I were grocery shopping this morning,
(The boy too, he was riding in the cart and pointing at things)
and I was telling Mr. Adult Beginner about this Important Question Regarding Yogurt:
Get the cream-top style, which is crazy delicious at first, when you’re eating the creamy top, but then is meh the next few servings?
Or get the European creamy style, which is less yummy than the very top of the cream-top yogurt, but overall better the rest of the way through?
I think it makes an interesting philosophical question:
do you choose one experience of intense awesome followed by ok-ness, or do you choose reliably good?
Mr. Adult Beginner was not impressed At All.
He may have called me a glutton, especially after I totally shot down his suggestion of stirring the cream top so that every serving could have a little of the cream.
Moving on,
Speaking of gluttony,
I got to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s production of Giselle TWICE this weekend.
And I was totally excited about seeing two different casts do the same show, Saturday’s matinee had Giselle danced by Lucy Green, who was lovely and tiny and vivacious, until, you know, she wasn’t anymore. Vivacious.
Excited to see Gillian Murphy on the Sunday matinee, to see the contrast in the two performances.
And then when Sunday came, watching her, I was all like, “Huh, these two ladies are very similar. I wonder if the choreography locks you in with this one? Forces similarity? But hold up, I thought Gillian Murphy was a red head. Maybe she is wearing a wig since this is a romantic ballet and maybe dark hair is more romantical in some way? But no, she has red hair on the program cover. Well that’s weird. Wish I’d made it in time to see the pre-show audience discussion, totally impressed that Gillian Murphy did that today, I mean she must be some kind of super pro to be able to dance Giselle immediately after an audience talk, without any pre-show jitters. Or rituals. Or even warming up at all. Wait, what’s going on here, where’s that cast list-”
And, yeah, I was a totally reading the program wrong, it was Lucy Green again.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Philosophical yogurt discussion and indulging in Giselles plural.

  1. jenerators says:

    Me again. Just wondering if you’ve ever seen the tv series “The secret lives of dancers” all about the RNZB. Highly recommended!

  2. Nadine says:

    Ahahahaha, that’s hilarious! (Lucy’s fabulous, isn’t she?)

    • Yes! There was a really beautiful moment in Act II where she went into a slow high developé with a little tremble of the leg up at the highest pointe, I thought the tremble was really beautiful and really expressed Giselle’s fragility as well as the strength of her emotion as she fights to protect Albrecht. It was a great detail, I noticed she did it the same way both performances.

  3. Tonia Rose says:

    Love this post! Thanks for coming our show! Loved LA so much! That music center stage is fantastic!

  4. Janet says:

    I got to see Lorena Fejoo and her husband Vitor Luiz in Giselle at SF Ballet last Wednesday. I took a person with me who had never ever been to see professional ballet .
    It was a really good performance. Lorena was absolutely fabulous. Vitor as Albrecht was also great. Act two was spectacular, and as always I love the Willis. Simone M., who came from ABT was good as Myrtha, but I agree with the critic who said that she has not quite mastered the romantic posture. She was a little too stiff in the upper body and arms. Anyway, my guest had a nice introduction to ballet.
    Glad that you got to see Giselle, too.

    • Janet says:

      I wanted to go again to see Maria Kotchekova, but not willing to pay for a really really expensive ticket. What a treat to see Lorena, though.

    • Interesting to have a married couple dance Giselle and Albrecht. I’m sure the dancers are totally unfazed being cast like that but it does add a little something for the audience to think over.

      • Ashley says:

        Carolina Ballet is lucky to have a married principle couple who are physically perfectly matched and they’re paired quite often in romantic parts. They were actually paired in Giselle at the end of last season. It’s pretty awesome to see, because I find couples like that seem to be able to communicate the emotion to the audience a little more powerfully in some parts.

    • robin says:

      oh, i think simone makes a great myrtha. i’ve seen her dance the role at ABT. she’s wonderful, i’ll miss her here!

  5. RO says:

    Ahwww too bad you saw the same prima ballerina twice! But still, Giselle, two times.. must be awesome nonetheless.

  6. robin says:

    oh, too bad you missed gillian! that was a funny post, tho : )
    and the secret lives of dancers is a lot of fun- it used to be on vimeo but not sure if you can still find it.

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