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One way to measure wealth

Scored Apollo’s Angels by Jennifer Homans today at a used bookstore, for the exciting price of $4.95. I’ve already read it (ebook) (library). But never bought the physical book even though I wanted it, because it cost like $40 and … Continue reading

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It’s a bourré, not the Electric Slide

So we were doing bourrés across the room the other day, and it was almost the end of class and I was tired and trying to get to the other side as fast as possible so I could collapse into … Continue reading

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Brisé. A good name for a girl if she’s a film noire heroine.

We started working on brisé the other day, And I was going to suggest that Brisé would make a very pretty name for a girl and since the Adult Beginner is happy with the one baby and not having more … Continue reading

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Somebody start teaching this class so I can take it.

Was in spin class today, and thought of Something Brilliant. This class I want to take- Ok it was like this: Get Lucky came on, and usually that song just makes me feel disappointed with Present Daft Punk and all … Continue reading

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Oh Brown Scarf, why don’t you love me like I love you?

I have this scarf that I really love, It’s silk, it’s vintage, I picked it up for like a dollar in a thrift shop in South Dakota. The pattern makes me think of herbal tea and wild flowers. When I … Continue reading

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Fun Timez at The Music Center

The Adult Beginner has been to see ballet at the Music Center a few times now, Bright Stream, some Millepied, the Scottish Ballet, and I don’t know if I just never noticed before or if this is a new thing … Continue reading

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Ok let’s talk about Giselle. It was not what I expected. But first, before I explain that, here is pretty much what happens in Giselle in case you’ve never seen it before either: There’s this guy named Albrecht who is … Continue reading

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