Spin and yoga and fire

Haven’t had ballet class in three weeks, because first I was sick and because then my once-a-week happened to fall on a holiday for two weeks in a row,
So instead I’ve been going to the gym and doing yoga and spin class.
Gentle Reader, do you remember the first time you heard about spin?
Did you imagine a room full of people happily twirling around and around, and then were you disappointed when you found out it was just stationary bikes?
Spin class is interesting because they play The Worst Music and they play it Loud.
At the beginning of class I am a total old lady wanting to shake my fist and yell “Turn Down That Racket!” but by the end of class I am so exhausted that my brain has melted and I’m totally like, “That’s Right Katy! You tell it gurl!”
Mr. Adult Beginner and I were just lamenting how if we went and looked up one of those end-of-year pop video mash-ups we’d probably actually recognize the songs this year, just from stupid spin class.
Sometimes in spin class I get an overwhelming nostalgia for my late-90’s rave days, probably because I’m covered in sweat in a room full of people covered in sweat with music so loud all you can hear is the bass and the bass is so strong all you can do is move with it.
There were times back in those late 90’s rave days when I really felt like I was suspended in the music and it was moving me. Glad I had that experience with some form of dance, because I’m not sure that I’ll ever be technically proficient enough with ballet that I can forget the positions and just float up into the music.
Had a funny experience in yoga the other day:
We were doing that thing where you’re in Warrior 2 and then you lean your upper body forward and rest your forearm on your front thigh in Side Angle pose, and I remembered this one time in another yoga class at another gym with another teacher who came over to me and tapped my hand and said, “what are you holding?” and I looked down and saw that my hand was balled up in a tight fist and I hadn’t even noticed.
So I was remembering that and holding my right hand open and suddenly in my mind there was this ball of pink fire floating above my palm. Like, about eight inches diameter, pink, with fuchsia and orange flames licking up from the base and rising off the top, and my palm felt warm, and it was such a strong feeling that I actually turned my head and looked at my hand, like, just in case.
You know, how you sometimes think maybe you have super powers so you just check just in case,
And, you know, there was no fireball.
So then we did the series on the other side and got into side angle and I opened my palm and this time my palm felt cool and there was a ball of green fire with blue flames.
I kind of wanted to ask if anyone else in class was holding a ball of fire?
Took yoga again the next day and it was hot white fire on the right, same cool green and blue on the left.
So, that was interesting.
Never felt anything like that in ballet class, I think maybe because there’s just no time, even when we sustain poses there so much to think about that there’s no time to get all dreamy and inwardly focused.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Spin and yoga and fire

  1. Physio Fit says:

    I love your description of boith these classes. I adore ballet but it takes a really long time till you develop the skill to just ‘enjoy’ the dancing. Your experience of the balls of fire is fascinating. I teach mind-body classes and use a lot of different imagery trying to encourage clients to create optimal movement. When the ‘get’ it there is almost a visible light bulb going on over thier heads. Sounds like that is what happened to you. The magic is that you want to try again a nd again to recreate the moment… and that keeps you moving.

  2. RO says:

    Dragonball Z anyone?? Haha! I miss doing Yoga, it was always so nice to just get lost in poses instead of having to think about every move you make in ballet.

  3. I once had a contemporary teacher who would always tell me to imagine fireballs in my hands. My fingers have a tendency to crunch up into limp semi-fists when they’re not in a specific shape (like a “ballet hand”) and she was trying to get me to open them up without too much tension. Interesting that you thought of that same image.

    Also, the first time I heard of spin class, I thought of baton spinning. I have no idea why.

    Love the blog by the way :-)

  4. jkl says:

    I know, this has nothing to to with your post. But I thought you might like it anyway, because you like ballet, and because you´re interested in fashion. The clip is from the New Year´s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonics, danced by the Vienna State Ballet. Don´t know how well known it is in the US, but in Europe it is a must-see each year…

    (costumes by Vivienne Westwood, I think they´re brilliant with the choreography…)

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