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The Cranes Dance. Read it, for reals.

Sometimes when I’m reading a book I’m really into, I’ll slow down close to the end so I can live in that world just a little bit longer, Right? We all do this right? I just read The Cranes Dance … Continue reading

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Ballet class outfit 1/14/14

leotard Capezio bra-tek tights Danskin platinum compression in black review here Affiliate link to Danskin online catalog here shorts Danskin slipper Capezio Pro Canvas split sole post about them here leg warmers DIY from old pair of red tights Yes, … Continue reading

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What are you good at? How did you know?

There’s a moment in Marie, Dancing (post about the book here), where Marie is figuring out what she’s good at in ballet. Like, what kind of dancer is she. She watches her older sister and sees how Antoinette slowly, heart-breakingly … Continue reading

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Feeling the floor. It’s not just for babies.

My aunt sent me an Etsy gift certificate for Christmas, which I thought was very hip of her, I mean who even knew you could do that? (Everyone. Everyone knew you could do that) It wasn’t actually for me, it … Continue reading

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This is not a ballet studio

But it does make me think about my posture.

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Ballet class outfit 1/9/14

leotard: Capezio Bra-tek, black wrap sweater: Gaynor Minden silk, black tights: Danskin footed, ballet pink, review here, affiliate link to catalog here leggings: Eurotard, ankle length, black skirt: black chiffon circle wrap skirt that I made, sort of a tutorial … Continue reading

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Dressed for foggy weather

Got on the iPad to draw an outfit post but instead drew this. Doodle doodle. Ok I’m going to go try and draw up the thing I meant to draw real quick before the baby wakes up.

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