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The Nutcracker, now with more cringing.

Couple weeks ago, Mr. Adult Beginner’s weirdly long-lost friend who turns out to be in Kansas is taking her girls to see the Nutcracker. But she’s not excited about it. Like, really not excited. Like, at all. And I’m all, … Continue reading

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It was good broth.

So, on Fryday, (you know, the day when you fry things) friend is checking out the menu board in the kitchen at Adult Beginner headquarters and he’s like, “whoa. Wednesday must’ve been Huge. And that’s nice you got to eat … Continue reading

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The Adult Beginner may or may not be emotionally mature enough for YA

Picked up Marie, Dancing By Carolyn Meyer the other day, Not sure why but I went to the library Totally Determined to find some kinda ballet-themed young adult fiction. Not looking for anything specific, just figured there must be something. … Continue reading

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Working on Balance

Been thinking about balance, Partly because I was at the gym doing the other day, doing Pilates and the Pilates teacher always has, like, a namasté moment at the end of class where we sit cross legged on our mats … Continue reading

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Tiny ballerina has been there the whole time.

Been draping my warm-ups over this barre-bracket forevers. Never noticed the little ballerina.

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