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fundraiser for Vasily

Gentle Reader, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, or, like, a great Thursday for most of the world. The Adult Beginner has a lot to be thankful for. Thankful that pink tights are part of my life, Thankful that … Continue reading

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Teachers: how do you feel when a student has a breakthrough with another teacher?

Didn’t get any corrections in ballet class the other day. Some praise, no corrections. I think the reason for the no corrections is that the night before this class I had gone to another ballet class at another studio with … Continue reading

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We all know leggings aren’t pants.

This conversation, as I left for ballet class: (hand to doorknob, ’bout to walk out of house wearing a big old baggy striped cardigan and thigh high legwarmers over leggings plus socks and sneakers, carrying a big canvas bag) me: … Continue reading

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Go easy on yourself

Was just thinking about that safe feeling of being at the barre, How it feels like no one can see you in your little space. First you see the back of the person in front of you, battement battement battement … Continue reading

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Nicely balanced on all toes but a little lacking in muscle tone

Went to the Page Museum the other day. One of my very favorite places in Los Angeles (animatronic ground sloth, you guys). Check out the sweet demi-pointe on this Mammoth. Aw yeah.

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