Announcing the Winner of the Fount of Mercy scarf give away

Here’s the hat


Here comes the hand


And here’s the number!


Congratulations to Kelsey, lucky number fifteen! May the scarf bring you happiness during midterms and beyond. And may I suggest a catfish? (ignore that, that was just terrible)

So this was fun! I learned a lot.
About your pets/not pets, about doing give-aways. Thank you to everyone who entered.
Also you may notice that the hand in the photos is a not a manhand. That’s because Mr. Adult Beginner was out of town on Big Winner Day, so in his place I had a girlfriend draw the winner, so innerballerina, I’m sad to say you may have barked up the wrong tree there with your sexy voice.
Yes I know all about that. Grab a coffee indeed. Heh. Good one.
Totally beside the point: the friend who chose the winner had invited me over to help judge A Children’s Art Contest!!! Which was awesome because I always wondered who it was that judged all those art contests I entered as a child. And apparently it was me.
Thanks again and congratulations Kelsey!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Announcing the Winner of the Fount of Mercy scarf give away

  1. kitteacat says:

    Congrats! Let us know how you wear it so we can all be sufficiently jealous =)

  2. Trippmadam says:

    Congratulations, Kelsey!

  3. Aw that’s just not fair! I know nothing about this girlfriend of yours, AB! What could I possibly tell her so she’d pick my number?
    Anyway – your loss. I can buy myself a scarf from Fount of Mercy, but if you buy free baby sitting… well, it’s just not free then, is it?
    Kelsey – join the blogosphere and show us how you’re wearing the pretty scarf, will ya?

  4. Wendy S says:

    Yay Kelsey!

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