Thinking about making and taking.

Been kind of obsessed lately with this Iggy Azalea video, “Work”.
I’m not cool or anything, had never even heard of Iggy Azalea until I picked up the free yoga magazine at the gym, which bizarrely had an article about her fitness routine. It was such an odd place to find an article about a rapper that I was intrigued, and had my iPad right there, so googled her up on my googles and am now kinda obsessed.
If you wanna see the “Work” video you can use your googles too. Lyrics Explicit. It’s like she’s determined to never ever get any radio play, which, I guess nowadays with the youtubes and all is her prerogative.
Anyway, I’m fascinated with this video because I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of creation versus consumption, and I keep seeing this quote in my head, in fact had to go grab The Dancer’s Body Book By Allegra Kent and skim through it again until I found the quote, from dancer Peter Fonseca,
“So many people just consume and consume and don’t put anything out. I think the answer is to be absolutely minimal in what you take in and prolific in what you put out.”
He goes on to say, “That means you have to draw a lot more on your energy and spirit and creativity to produce something, rather than just use up all of the resources around you without producing anything.”
So basically, create more than you consume.
Which if you really think about it is impossible, I mean all the things we consume, books, music, the twitters, the Pinterests, TV, Angry Birds, let alone food, clothing, gas, water, everything. There’s no way you could ever make more than you take.
But in a very literal, calories-in-calories-out kinda way, this has been my past year.
There’s that magical time that nursing mothers talk about, when you can just eat eat eat and keep on losing that baby weight because nursing torches mega calories, and for me that magic time lasted for about nine months. Got down to my starting weight, then a little below, then stopped nursing during the night and the weight loss stopped, then weaned the baby off the mid-morning nurse and my weight started going back up again.
And I was like, Oh to the Noes, Girl. Best to check yourself. Maybe don’t hit the peanut butter jar so hard.
Anyway so there’s that, there’s the literal caloric output versus input, and then there’s the idea of being a creative person and not just being a consumer and why I’m obsessed with Iggy’s “Work”.
The hook goes, “I been up all night, trying to get that rich. I been work, work, work, work working on my shit.” And I love that. I love that she’s acknowledging and honoring the fact that it’s work to create and that you must work at it, this is not like The Jungle Brothers “It comes to me natural, it comes to me easy,” this is an artist acknowledging that she works on her craft, she works on her own stuff in her own time, after scrubbing floors or whatever day job spent working on someone else’s stuff.
Seems like I don’t hear rappers talking about the work part very often, more about the part that comes after, the Louboutins and stuff. So I like “Work”. Although she does have a pretty hilarious pun about Louboutins. Totally missed it the first few times I heard the song.
Right now I don’t do a lot of creating in the way I’m used to being creative: making things, sewing, drawing, writing up blog posts more than once a week. So I’m trying to be a mindful consumer, you know, like don’t zone out and passively consume. Don’t just take my one ballet class a week, really be there, work at all the exercises not just my favorites, make connections, think about the shapes and lines and muscles and history. Remember corrections. Do class don’t just take it.
Ok and another reason I’m obsessed with the video, I was trying to describe this to my husband the other day, let’s see if I can explain it here:
There’s this gesture, this sort of half-dance, I’ve seen it before a couple places, it’s, like, stingy.
It’s not the vague note-taking kind of movement that you use when you mark an exercise in ballet,
And it’s not shy reserve,
It’s a deliberate holding back. It says, I’ve got the moves, but I’m not going to use them here in this moment. Shorty’s not hitting the flo’ and going low, she’s saving her moves for another club.
It’s not full out. It’s not generous. It’s stingy.
Here’s what it looks like:
Arms up, wrists thrown back, fingers folded over the palm the way ladies with long manicured nails close their hands, flat, not curled in toward the palm.
Like holding a castanet.
Chin up, defiant. Eyes down, not connecting to the viewer, withholding. Stingy.
I’m fascinated.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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5 Responses to Thinking about making and taking.

  1. Katy says:

    Oooh, this is really interesting. I think it might explain something about me that I’ve been wondering about. After the magic nursing diet finished I all of a sudden (and a little despite myself) found myself a vegetarian. This wasn’t anything I had ever intended to do and I’ve been having a really hard time trying to explain to myself and others why I’ve done it.

    But I think you’ve just cracked it.

  2. Julia/Germany says:

    “Work” is truly an awesome song…I am addicted to it since you have brought me there – thanx!

  3. Terez Mertes says:

    Great blog and thoughts!

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