It’s about the naptimez

Got a comment the other day on the scarf give-away post asking that I just get back to regular blogging already, and I was all like, “Oh snap, Adult Beginner, you best to explain about naptime”, so here it is:
I haven’t posted since I put up that give-away post because I’ve actually been napping during nap time.
Which, ok, maybe that makes no sense, what I mean is,
back in the day, the pre-baby day, posting went like this: I’d have something I wanted to tell, let it roll around in my head and sort of collect for a day or so, and then whenever I had a minute I’d just curl up in a chair and zone out and just write it all out in one go with no distractions, read it over for spelling and grammar, and then hit publish like bam.
Never save. Always post right away. Bam.
And usually that minute would be like twenty minutes before work or ten minutes during lunch or an hour when I got home from work or ten minutes immediately after ballet class while my husband finished making dinner,
And that felt great, it’s a great distraction from nervous deadline chasing and measurement matching at work, to have a story in the back of my head organizing itself and waiting to get told.
But now my minute to zone out and write out whatever’s in there only happens once a day. Nap time. There are so many things I want to do during naptime. Bloggy things, drawing things, sewing things, household things. Things like go outside and throw knives. Things I need to concentrate on with no distractions. But sometimes the horizons just close in and I have to spend nap time actually napping.
And that’s been happening the past week or so.
And it’s a one-two punch, because not only do I miss my window for posting that day, but also the more time a thought rolls around in my head, the more it eventually just falls apart and I can’t remember what was urgent about it that needed to get told and it’s just a shell.
Btw there was no naptime today. I just wrote this while Mr. No Naps yelled into the echoey depths of the washing machine. What is he telling the washing machine? Who knows???? But now he’s done so I’ll have to hit publish soon.
I know this’ll all fall into place, but just wanted you to know, Gentle Reader, that when I don’t post, it’s not about the give-away, it’s about the naptimez.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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18 Responses to It’s about the naptimez

  1. And it’s about priorities, isn’t it? Sometimes a great nap is more important than spending some time on the internet, or doing something else. Sometimes it’s more important to connect to the folks surrounding us instead of all the lovely people out there behind their computer screens.
    Life is messy and doesn’t care about schedules, especially with kids involved…

  2. Aaah… so that’s what it is! I actually thought that with work, Baby AB and the house you were just not finding time to go to ballet class! Hope that’s still on your schedule.
    We love when you hit publish, no matter how long it may take – just keep posting and we’ll be happy. :)

    • Yep, still going to class, thanks to my husband who makes sure he’s home in time to hang out with the boy. So great to have ballet class be a set part of the weekly schedule.

  3. RO says:

    Even though it’s about scarf give-aways, we don’t care! We love to read everything that comes out of your head when you hit publish.

  4. Wendy S says:

    Thank you for obliging to my request! Truly have missed your posts. :) BUT, I understand the great importance of naptimez. Have a good one!

  5. Janet says:

    I know all about the need to nap. I work at night, and find that staying awake for 24 hours impossible. Cute the afternoon nap.
    I hope little AB was screaming into a front loading washer, and not trying to land head first into a top loader. Child safety device so the door can’t close, I hope?
    Love your posts. Understand the need to nap.

    • Janet says:

      That is: cue the afternoon nap. Not cute!

      • Nothing cute about it!
        Actually that’s not true, it’s pretty cute once he gets settled into his crib.
        And yes, front loader. He like to stand before it and address it sternly. Also likes to put toys in there, I check now before I run a wash. Also likes to turn the knobs and reset all the settings. Hasn’t figured out the control lock, so he can’t actually change the settings mid-wash. Yet.

  6. jennifer says:

    I thought you might enjoy this; it’s never too late!

  7. Katy says:

    Oh yes… The nap time dilemma, do you run around and accomplish things or do you nap (preventing sleep deprived mishaps and frustrating child throttling) thereby ensuring the survival of the species?

    Hope the washing machine has had a good long think about its behaviour…

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