Another way that having a baby changes everything

So I’m driving down La Brea, all the windows down, totally blasting Swan Lake,
You know, like you do when you’re listening to your local public classical music station in your fuel efficient sub-compact and Swan Lake comes on and you’re all Oh Hot Damn, This Is My Jam,
And you turn that mother Up,
So Swan Lake is booming, it’s the Dance of the Cygnets yo, and I hear a mild protest from the back seat and I look in the rear view mirror at the backseat mirror that reflects the baby in his rear-facing carseat, and he has this really confused just-woke-up look on his face and his hair is blowing all around like crazy, like totally whipping around in the wind, and I’m like, “Oh sorry Friend, got a little carried away there,” and turn the Jamz back down and roll the windows back up and,


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to Another way that having a baby changes everything

  1. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is that it reminds me of LA. I also love ballet of course and I attend adult classes but that is by the by. When you mentioned driving down La Brea I remembered the tar pits at Hancock Park. Tourists come to LA mainly for the beaches and studios but there is so much more to that great city.

    • I love the Tar Pit Museum! Or technically the Page Museum. Those rickety animatronics, and the bubble where you can peer into the lab and watch the science happening, I hope that place never changes. It’s one of my favorite things in LA.

  2. Terez Mertes says:

    You crack me up. Great post – I can just see (and hear) it. : )

  3. Well, you see… it was probably just the wind part. Baby AB digs Swan Lake, I’m sure.

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