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A Beautiful Sole

Come on Adult Beginner, stop staring and start sewing. (It’s so pretty right in this moment though. The stamped brand and the gold and the pleats and the stitching and the no dirt.)

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‘Cause baby you’re a fiiiiiiirework (Jeté Jeté Jeté)

There’s this one piece of music that Smirnoff plays every now and then, for the fondus at the barre, that I always think is going to be an instrumental version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Every time. The opening notes … Continue reading

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Fun with false cognates

So we’re at the barre, working on a new trick, and everyone’s all confused about the feet. Where is the working foot supposed to be? Pointed and touching the top of the knee in front? The side of the knee? … Continue reading

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How Paul, Ringo, and my baby help me strengthen my feet

Sometimes the floor looks like this: So when that happens I pick all this stuff up with my toes. It’s more fun than picking all this stuff up the regular way. Btw, the green plastic egg and the clear box … Continue reading

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Get your ballet back.

So I’m at the pediatrician’s office for the baby’s nine month appointment, you know, the baby is getting getting weighed and measured and he’s trying to eat the paper on the exam table and all that, and the pediatrician is … Continue reading

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Whatcha wear to class this week?

Light grey Topo Ranch t-shirt Dark grey striped boy short underwear Danskin footed tights in ballet pink Danskin affiliate link* right here: Womens UltraSoft Microfiber Footed Tight Sansha Pro 1L split-sole leather ballet slippers *this is an affiliate link, which … Continue reading

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