Danskin Platinum compression microfibre tights, the Adult Beginner review

Gentle Reader, this is my last pair of new tights, so if you’re over tights reviews, Rejoice!
And if you love the tights reviews, Weep!
Here are the Danskin Womens Footed Microfiber Compression Tight in black.

I like it.
I like the word Platinum all scripty and shiny silver. The black, green, grey, and silver play nicely. Certain sections of the text are repeated in French, and we all know that’s fancy.
For example, “Exclusive to Fine Specialty Retailers” is repeated as “En exclusivité chez les détaillants spécialisés”.
Ooh, “exclusive”! Ooh, “fine”!
See how fancy you are for making this purchase?
I like the dramatic lighting on the model, and that she has kind of a cool outfit with that long sleeve T over her leotard and tights. She don’t care, she’s just doing her tie-dyed thing.
Ok, so the Adult Beginner has worn actual real compression tights before, and hated them. They were hard to wrestle on, they were a gross opaque “nude” color not found in the human color spectrum, and you could see gradation lines where the tightness of the compression changed at the ankle and calf and thigh.
These babies are like regular tights. They are easy to put on and are a nice smooth black from waist to toe, no gradation.
Not a super opaque black though. Like most tights, these are a little sheer in the thigh and calf and completely opaque at the ankle and foot. So if you’re looking for a solid black, like leggings levels of solid, these are not the tights you’re looking for.
But I like them, we’re not talking embarrassing levels of sheerness here, just a little lightness shining through.
Texture is a little rougher than the other microfiber tights, probably due to higher nylon/lower Lycra content, so these are less like a delicious stretchy marshmallow and more like, you know, tights.
Waistband is a nice wide band of sewn on elastic, not too tight.
Oh, and just a note on all the Danskin tights I’ve tried: I love that they have a sewn-on tag. I will never have to think about it or accidentally put them on backwards.
Did these “slim and sculpt body contours and help relieve muscle fatigue” as the package promises?
I felt good in them? But was only in them for two hours and some of that was driving time, so, like, not really noticeable. The real test would be wearing these for eight hours standing at my cutting table. Might have to try them sometime in the future when I go back to work. Will get back to you on that.
Other Stuff:
Stats are 90% nylon, 10% Lycra spandex.
Also, just reading the English/French size chart, noticed that height is “grandeur” in French. Love that. So grand!

Edit: That link up there? It goes to the Danskin catalog where you can buy this very pair of tights. Danskin contacted me to set up an affiliate program After I wrote all these reviews, so, just so you know, this review wasn’t sponsored by Danskin, I wrote it purely on my own craziness and was not encouraged or paid or anything, I mean I bought these tights from the sale box FFS, but now if you click through and happen to buy the tights I’ll eventually get a little commission. Which I think is pretty exciting, like being a Real Blogger, but don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Adult Beginner from the block.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Danskin Platinum compression microfibre tights, the Adult Beginner review

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Love reading your reviews. Down to your impression of the tight’s packaging. I laughed so hard at your description of previous compression tight tryouts……

  2. “Texture is a little rougher than the other microfiber tights, probably due to higher nylon/lower Lycra content”
    I love it how you just rub in our faces how much you know about fabric, and you do it like a lady.
    Plus, fabric knowledge applied to ballet is just… fabuleux!!

  3. rosario says:

    I have worn medical compression tights for years. Getting up every morning putting on latex gloves and wrestling these unforgiving pantyhose inch by inch until all the wrinkles are out. Then the same work out getting them off in the evening. I have tried Danskin Platinum compression tights and they don’t have the compression I need but are easy to put on and are comfortable to wear all day. These are a great alternative to compression hoisery when you don’t have time to fight getting your pantyhose on.

  4. kaija24 says:

    The packaging sounds like it was designed for “North American markets”, which includes Canada and requires bilingual packaging :) Our laws are your luxurious gain…LOL!

    Thanks for the reviews. I really like microfibre tights because they don’t run nearly as easily and instead of “runs”, they just develop a small hole that can be easily mended.

    • No way!!!! North American market!
      I just figured it was a marketing ploy since only the Platinum level tights have the French.
      Funny that it might legit be for people who read French.

      • kaija24 says:

        Danskin tights are not terribly common here so maybe they only package/sell the “high end” line in Canada. Our equivalent is probably Mondor brand (not unknown in the US but not prevalent) together with the usual Capezio, Body Wrappers, Gaynor Minden, etc. :) But the bilingual packaging sounds very much like a typical Canadian label. It’s actually fun, especially the food labels, and of course is doubly entertaining when there is a ballet word like “fouette” (whipped) or “coupe” (cut). :P

        • rosario says:

          I don’t think Danskin tights are even available in Canada any more. I tried buying Danskin products on line and they wouldn’t ship to Canada. We use to be able to get buy Danskin tights at almost any dance store but not now. After Danskin’s demise they never did return to the Canadian market. I have to buy my Danskin tights through company’s like Amazon, which never have any good sales. Lately I have been buying Capezio tights, not as well made but they also sell men’s tights for the male dancers in our dance group.

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