Still Life with Cheez-It

There was a Cheez-It on the floor.
Right there in my barre spot.
Every time I turned around, bam, Cheez-it.
How did it get there? Somebody having barre snacks? Gross little fluorescent orange barre snacks?
Kind of horrifying but also cheery, seeing it there, every time I turned around.
Cheerily horrifying.
I could have thrown it away after class except Gross, didn’t want to touch it.
Somebody else’s creepy little Cheez-It.
So instead I took a picture.



About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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9 Responses to Still Life with Cheez-It

  1. lm says:

    Apart from Cheez-it, how was class?
    Tell us if it´s still there next class…

    • Class was full, like eight or ten of us, Teacher got going on some kinda tangent, which turned into a long conversation about bringing your left foot up over your right shoulder in attitude a la Maya Plisetskaya (yeah right) and we ended up with only like ten minutes for center before being hustled out by tap ladies.
      If that Cheez-it is still there next week, gross. That will be crossing a line of grossness.

  2. Ha! And I thought mine was the only dirty studio with unmatching tape on the floor!
    When did you take the picture anyway? Before class, during barre, right before tap ladies kicked you out?
    I bet you pretended you were doing something else on the phone! :-D

    • Right before the tap ladies!
      I just took the picture, didn’t try to pretend I was checking twitter or anything, which is totally what I was pretending to do while taking a picture of the nice wooden floors at Millennium the other day.

  3. MM says:

    I only ever find hair balls, which is gross in its own right. The Cheez-It adds a spark of unnatural orange color, though….

  4. Stacy says:

    That is gross/hilarious! Last week in my class, someone in the class before us was wearing outdoor sneakers for dance cardio class and left chunks of dried dirt/grass all over the floor! not cool, not cool.

  5. Thanks for the photo, I had no idea what a Cheez-It was!

  6. I’m happy to report, it’s been a week and the Cheez-It is gone.

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