Danskin Backseam Convertible Tights, the Adult Beginner review

After recovering from the horror of the sun-bleached fail of my discount bin Danskin Cotton Blend tights, I still had to get dressed for class, and quick-like, so grabbed these guys, the Danskin Womens UltraSoft Convertible Backseam Tight.


Same as the hipster tights. You know how I feel about that.
Threw these tights on, thinking, “I’ll straighten the seams when I get there.” Realized once I got to the studio that there is no straightening the seams once they are on. Pretty much the only thing to do is take them off and put them on again, carefully. Which I did.
Did this lessen my enthusiasm for seamed tights?
No way!!!!!
I love these things!
So excited to wear these tights!
All my fave ballerinas in old black&white ballet portraits have seamed tights AND NOW I DO TOOOOOOOOO!
A lot of people have mentioned that if your turn-out is not amazing, these tights will look bad. My turn-out is not amazing. I still love the look of these tights.
Also, I think it’s hilarious that they exist. I mean, back in the day the seam was actually a seam. Like, it was necessary, it made the shape of the stocking. Because silk doesn’t stretch like ultra soft microfiber, it requires actual shaping via a seam that curves in at the back of the knee and out at the calf and tapers to the ankle and ends in a recognizable foot shape.
Nowadays that seam is just an added thick row in the knit.
Just for that ye olden ballerina look.
I love that what was once a functional construction detail has been retained as an aesthetic feature.
That’s so neat you guys!
Sewing Nerds, can I get a what-what?!
The waist is woven in, just like the hipster tights, but at the natural waistline. It is super comfortable and smooth. It calls itself “no-roll comfort waistband”, so apparently that is code for woven as opposed to “sewn-on no-roll comfort waistband”, which is code for elastic.
Today I learned.
The opening of the convertible foot on these is just a simple overlock, unlike the hipster which has a bound opening at the foot. Not sure why the difference.
It’s nice to have less business going on under the foot, but I do feel like I have to be careful to not rip the opening, so that’s the trade off.
Nice soft strong stretchy weight, nice and matte.
Other Stuff:
Fiber content is 88% nylon, 12% Lycra

I absolutely love these tights. They are beautiful. I feel great in them.
So what do I do?
Oh, you know, just put them in a little lingerie bag and washed them along with my brand new never-washed black tights and of course the black dye washed out and transferred onto my beautiful ballet-pink tights and WHY AM I SO STUPID????
Face palm.
I totally should know better. I do know better. Ugh.
Anyway, so now I have a pair of (previously beautiful) mottled grey-pink back seam convertible tights soaking, to be washed again, hopefully some of the black dye will come out but I don’t think they’re ever gonna look fresh and pink again.
At best they’ll look Legit Dancer, maybe with a pair of ripped legwarmers and some threadbare slippers with knotted elastic.
Dang it.

Full disclosurez: Danskin contacted me after I wrote all these silly tights reviews and set me up with an affiliate account. Which means that the tights link up there goes to the Danskin catalog, and if you happen to buy these tights through that link I’ll get a little commission eventually. Just wanted to emphasize though, this post was not sponsored or encouraged or paid for, it was totally written out of my own nerdy delight in new discount-bin tights, and then after the fact this affiliate thing happened.


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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to Danskin Backseam Convertible Tights, the Adult Beginner review

  1. Janet says:

    Oh No! I hope you can find some more of these tights. The pink gray ones may work for Halloween, though.

  2. rosario says:

    I have have done the same thing as I always wash my tights before I put them on and washing my Danskin pink supplex tights with black tights ruined a perfectly good pair of pink tights. Let me know if you find a solution for making your tights pink again.

  3. jenerators says:

    I have a solution, but it takes some trial and error. I had four pairs of tights that were old and had gone greyish from me not being careful and/or handwashing them. They were a variety of brands (Capezio, Danskin, and possibly some Fiesta or maybe Energetiks?). I asked online and was told that you can use Rit Petal Pink dye to get tights back to ballet pink. Not so much. They ended up the same colour as some of the lovely dark pink roses I grow in my garden. I researched some more and found a Rit website with instructions for mixing dyes to get various shades. I found a colour that I thought looked about right for ballet tights and mixed up the dye per the instructions there (it involves mixing the “tan” colour together with the petal pink) and dripped a little on the tights to see if it was about right; it was. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I also used the Rit colour remover stuff first, which stinks as bad as a baby’s nappy, but it works to make the tights a sort of off-white colour to start with.) Then I dyed the tights in a soup pot (bought for this express purpose) on the stove. They turned out different colours from each other – must have to do with the lycra/nylon ratio in the content of the fabric in them, I guess) and one of the pairs is kind of streaky, but they’re at least more wearable for class now!
    And that’s the end of my tight-dying saga.

    • rosario says:

      Thanks for your input I will definately give this a try as I didn’t buy these tights in th 1/2 off bin and they are new and never worn. Be great to recover my investment.

    • Dude, that is intense.
      I raise my glass to you.
      I think I’d be more likely to just dye them black. Or, let’s be real honest here, just wear them grey.
      I know, it makes no sense- I’ll make a skirt out of scraps of old fabric but I won’t bother with dye remover. Y U So Lazy, Adult Beginner??
      Thank you for describing the process though, I’m sure other people who are not lazy like me will benefit.

  4. The Dancing Rider says:

    Always wore seamed tights decades ago, and that was just for adult recreational ballet. Was so in love with that look. I’ve done that, too, with the color-mixing. The comment on the dying sounded like it’s worth a try.

  5. Anony Mouse says:

    Where are you buying your tights? There used to be a great dance store in my hood where I got shoes and tights but that’s closed now. I don’t like buying online because I need to look at the actual color with my eyeballs. You’re in LA right? Any real store suggestions?

  6. my local dance wear shop swears that oxiclean will get the grey out. I have two pairs of tights that I accidentally washed with my black leotards and after another couple of trips through the washer they were fine again.

  7. alwaysdance8 says:

    my favorite brand to wear! and once i started wearing seam tights, i’ll never wear a seamless pair again :) i love your posts, thanks for sharing! looking forward to reading more.

  8. Pingback: Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got | Adult Beginner

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