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Ballet Teacher vs Ballet West

So we’re all at the barre, we’ve just finished pliés, and Smirnoff stops the music to correct us all on our arms. He’s all, “My Dears! You must keep the arms soft! Look to the hand when you bring it … Continue reading

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Danskin Platinum compression microfibre tights, the Adult Beginner review

Gentle Reader, this is my last pair of new tights, so if you’re over tights reviews, Rejoice! And if you love the tights reviews, Weep! Here are the Danskin Womens Footed Microfiber Compression Tight in black. Packaging: I like it. … Continue reading

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Still Life with Cheez-It

There was a Cheez-It on the floor. Right there in my barre spot. Every time I turned around, bam, Cheez-it. How did it get there? Somebody having barre snacks? Gross little fluorescent orange barre snacks? Kind of horrifying but also … Continue reading

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Danskin Backseam Convertible Tights, the Adult Beginner review

After recovering from the horror of the sun-bleached fail of my discount bin Danskin Cotton Blend tights, I still had to get dressed for class, and quick-like, so grabbed these guys, the Danskin Womens UltraSoft Convertible Backseam Tight. Packaging: Same … Continue reading

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Danskin Lightweight Cotton Blend Tights, and Adult Beginner review FAIL

Gentle Reader, I was really excited about trying this pair of tights, because they have “cool cotton comfort” according to the package, and it has been very hot lately and I was all excited about investigating this alleged cool comfort. … Continue reading

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Adult Beginner walks into a barre. Or two.

Gentle Reader, a week ago I tried out Millennium Dance Complex for the first time ever, and have been distracted by certain babies every single time I tried to write about it, so now I have been to class there … Continue reading

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Throw knives; think ballet

What’s this stuff? Oh, you know, just a picture from a little party Mr. Adult Beginner set up for me and a dozen of my lady friends. A little Knife Throwing Party. Knife Throwing. You know, one of those life … Continue reading

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