Danskin hipster tights, the Adult Beginner review

Ok so I opened up my new package of Danskin Women’s Hipster Tights, and just look at this!

Are you seeing this mess?!
A hole!
Right outta the package!
So annoying!
But, these tights were basically half price and this happens to be the style I bought two of, so fine, whatever, opened up the second package, tights intact.
Moving on.
I wish the packaging looked pretty. Or classic. Or bold and modern. Something!
But with the color scheme of pale blue, silver, black, and the tan color of the café tights, it’s just not a very pretty graphic.
So the unboxing experience isn’t that awesome.
Yes this is important! Ballet is all about functional things that are also really beautiful, and I want that experience to extend to my ballet purchasing, dang it. I want the ritual of opening a beautiful package and revealing something precious and deceptively delicate-yet-strong!
Anyway, the package at least is easy to understand.
All the information is clearly presented, there’s a little foot image showing that these are convertible, and the waistband, which is the main selling feature of these tights, is shown front and center.
But why the café tights, Danskin? Why not black tights with the pale blue as a background? Or the pink with a white background? Or café with cream and dark brown background?
Ok enough.
These tights are awesome.
Like a marshmallow.
Stretchy and thick but light with a sweet color and a powdery finish. Delicious.
They melt on. I’m really sad now that the one pair has a hole, I’d love to have two of these mothers.
I ended up wearing them with the waistband pulled up to my natural waist, because that just looked better on me because #newmom, and they were stretchy enough to hit the waist easily so that was awesome.
I really like the convertible foot, it actually has a binding, unlike my old Capezio tights that had an overlocked edge, so when I convert these Danskins I don’t feel like I’m gonna rip anything with my Hulky strength.
I also like that these have the heel woven in so the foot is always in the right place and held nicely.
Other Stuff:
These are “Proudly Made In The USA”. Shopping local you guyz!
The stats are 88% nylon 12% Lycra.
Also the package mentions that they are designed to lay below the line of a tutu. Cute.
Here’s another picture of my Tan Lines post class grumble grumble dirty floor.

Which pair will I try out next week?
Who knows!
Soooooo mysterious!

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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16 Responses to Danskin hipster tights, the Adult Beginner review

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    These sound good actually. I wouldn’t usually choose a hipster tight. Just the mental image of how it might look on my aged body is scary. I see you said you could pull it up tho to the waist. I’ll keep them in mind, you never know!

  2. MM says:

    AB: this seems like the perfect business opportunity for you! Designing and packaging beautiful but functional ballet things. You can do it!

  3. Zebra says:

    I have to go tight-shopping today cos our AD has decided he wants us in black footed tights for “Raymonda”. I actually have quite a lot to get for rehearsal tomorrow, Blegh. Wanted a comfy day of QT with cats & duvet, instead have to go & brave hordes of The Stupid in town. Boo.

  4. Katy says:

    Never mind the tights (although I think I’ve got the same ones and they’re my current favourite) look at your gorgeous insteps!

  5. Chicago Ballerina says:

    You’re putting way too much thought into this! I like your dancewear reviews…keep them coming!

  6. I think we have reached a new level of ballet-nerdiness here… just not sure who go higher in the scale, AB for reviewing tights (from package to use!) or the bunch of us, for reading and actually using the information…
    BTW, I love you, AB… but I also hate you for that GORGEOUS foot.
    And now I know I’m not the only one having classes in dirty studios.

  7. Terez Mertes says:

    Your “Capezio tourniquet” – LOL! Do you mean I’m not the only one who has an indented band of red, ridged skin around my waist after ballet class? And if I commute with tights on and don’t get out of them until a few hours later, ouch, throbbing for an hour. Tourniquet – yup, you called it. I’m eyeing those hipster tights, thinking, hmmm. But I can’t BELIEVE they gave you a pair with a hole. Grrrr.

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