All the for sale tights

That sale was just too good. Had to go back and get some more tights.
That’s a second pair of hipsters, a cotton blend pair, and some compression microfibre in black.
Sales girl, while ringing me up, sez “are you a dancer?” and I say, “no, I just take a class once a week.”
And then on the way home I was like Why did I say that? I could’ve just said yes! She doesn’t care! She wouldn’t know! She wasn’t looking for a semantic argument on the definition of the word “dancer”. It’s not like she was gonna call the Dance Police and report me for being a poser.
Oh well.
A note on sizing:
You can see here that these tights are all in the C/D size range. Generally I’m on the on the C side of the B/C border, and for years when shopping for fashion tights I’d try to convince myself that I really belong in the B category, like, trying to make myself feel skinnier by buying in the smaller range, and then one day at work I was measuring some dancers, not ballet dancers but like back-up dancers for a concert tour, and they all wanted extra large tights. All these tiny dancer girls were like “Large! Extra Large! The biggest ones you’ve got!”
So I realized I was being ridiculous buying in the smaller range.
So now I get C or above and don’t trifle with the little tights.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to All the for sale tights

  1. in fashion tights I usually wear the smallest size, but in dance tights it’s XL all the way. I think they are just stretchier (and made for teeny tiny people, obviously)

  2. When can you consider yourself a dancer? If all you do is “take class” from dvds and youtube because you can’t fit classes into current finances, can you still be considered a dancer?

    • Hellz yeah!
      What you are comes from your heart. :)
      And sticking to practice based on videos shows you are more dedicated than some of us, who skip classes now and then (oh the shame!).

    • I think figuring out when you can consider yourself a dancer is a toughie, and up to the individual to define.
      For me, I get really technical with the definition. Like, if I took a boxing class once a week with no intention of ever proving myself in the ring, I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling myself a boxer. But for other people I’m much more generous with the definition, like, if you think of yourself as a dancer, whatever your level, then you are a dancer and I support that confidence.
      I just get all weird about it for myself.

  3. News flash: You Are A Dancer


  4. dave says:

    You are a dancer, because you dance.

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