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Danskin hipster tights, the Adult Beginner review

Ok so I opened up my new package of Danskin Women’s Hipster Tights, and just look at this! Are you seeing this mess?! Bam! A hole! Right outta the package! So annoying! But, these tights were basically half price and … Continue reading

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All the for sale tights

That sale was just too good. Had to go back and get some more tights. That’s a second pair of hipsters, a cotton blend pair, and some compression microfibre in black. Sales girl, while ringing me up, sez “are you … Continue reading

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Hipster tights

Got some new tights. Totally on sale. See that one in the upper left? Says Women’s Hipster Tights? That’s why they were on sale. No one self identifies as a hipster.

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Well ok, here’s a ballet skirt tutorial

Some of you wanted more More MORE after that last post, so, what the heck, here’s a pretty simple way to make a ballet skirt using fabric from another garment, or new fabric. This is not how I made mine, … Continue reading

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Ballet skirt: a non-tutorial

Dude, Gentle Reader, check out my new ballet skirt: Here’s the story with this skirt: It came into my life in about 1997, in the form of one of those kinda shapeless, short-sleeved, shoulder-padded matronly early-90’s dresses, hanging there on … Continue reading

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Port de bras #4 a la poulet

Port de bras exercise number four! About time! I think it’s interesting that Smirnoff really emphasizes that we lean back in that middle moment, which makes me imagine that I’m throwing a javelin while at the same time I AM … Continue reading

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NYC? You missing a sewing kit?

oh, you know, just texting with my painter friend in NYC: ding!PF This is new. Usually it’s dance belts I find on my deck. AB Ha! Gross and funny! AB What, like they just take off the dance belts as … Continue reading

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