Haha! Look! My leg is totally folded into a zig-zag! Haha!

Ha ha!
These are the Capezio Hold&Stretch tights.
Have worn them twice now. My findings are:
In the mirror across the ballet studio, my legs look like they go on 4ever.
Close up, the tights are shinier than I expected. The Adult Beginner likes her some matte ballet tight. Shine looks like the eighties. Or like pantyhose. Like eighties pantyhose.
The shine is the trade off for a high spandex content though, which was why I chose these in the first place, thinking high spandex equals more soft and stretchy, which they might be, but it’s hard to tell because my only comparison is my old tights, which I’ve had for Three Years you guys, and are the softest things ever, but also old and busted so they had to go.
Get outta here, old tights!
So really I should get some more new tights in other brands for comparison. For science.
Other things about the Hold&Stretch: the reviews all said the waistband on these is particularly snug, and my waist measures about two inches bigger right now than pre-baby, so I bought size XL, and there’s still a visible indentation at the waist.
What are you gonna do.
Moar ab werk!!!!!
I like the color of these tights. A nice cool pale blue pink.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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38 Responses to Crazylegs

  1. backtothebarre says:

    you should try the Theatricals convertible tights! for science, of course. they come in ballet pink, nude (my favorite!), and they are so FREAKING COMFORTABLE! i’m about to get another pair or two to actually wear to work!! :)

  2. theoldmaid says:

    Don’t know if this would work appearance wise for you, but when I wear old fashioned panty hose under a regular old dress, I snip through the waistband about halfway through the band. That is, I don’t cut down into the panty part. I do one snip on my left side and one on the right side. No more muffin top.

    • Hmm, might try that.
      Ooh! Or I could wear a sash over my leotard! Bridge the gap and make it look intentional, like one of those elastic hip alignment belts people wear!
      Hmmm, or that might look terrible. Hmm.

  3. guyenne says:

    Bloch tights are my favorites. The Capezio colors were always vaguely wrong on me, as well as the size problem. You might want to go up a size and then fold the waist down onto itself, or you could try the full body tights to fix the middle issue.

  4. Mummarina says:

    Thanks for this post! I know nothing about tights or how they should look/feel on. I bought a pair online that haven’t arrived yet and I’m not expecting them to be anything special. Don’t think I would like shiny tights, either. Go the beginners matte tights! lol

  5. Kathleen says:

    I just ordered the Capezio hold and stretch tights and then, not 10 minutes later, read this post. I HATE shiny. I was banking on the “hold” part but I am not sure shiny is worth it.

  6. RainStorm says:

    It’s the waist indentation which bugs me. I’m not particularly large but that indent makes me self conscious :(

  7. I’ve always loved Bloch’s comfort but hated waistbands. The convertable tights are my love as well. I’ve always had a squishy mid section. Me and waistbands don’t work. This isn’t a way to get out of becoming un-squishy, if its there it’s there and there’s no hiding that sh**. But no need to have such an in attractive dent in the meantime. :(

  8. best tights ever – Gaynor Minden. soooo soft. nice color. and they have the least ‘denty’ waistband of any tights I have ever worn – it’s just like a couple layers of tight fabric in a wide band. I don’t buy any other brand any more!

    • Yes! My old tights were like that! They were also Capezio but some kind of low-rise style, and the waist band was woven into the tights instead of a sewn-on elastic. Got them from the discount bin, wonder if they were discontinued. Will have to look that style up, and the Gaynor Mindens too.

      • Rori roars says:

        Seconding the GM vote… seriously, the best tights EVAR… well, except when you’re wearing a romantic tutu. For some reason the microfiber in the tights and the tulle in the skirt are like long-lost velcro lovers. Meh. But for class… definitely my faves! Flattering, comfy waistband and soooo soft!

        • Romantic tutus are not really an issue for me. (sob!)

        • Zebra says:

          Yes yes yes yes YES Gaynor Minden tights are looooooovely. They are incredibly soft & supercomfy & don’t come up to my armpits. (Seriously, I have a pair of footless Bloch tights that came up to my armpits if I used any of the stretch once past the tops of my legs. Apparently they didn’t get the Long Legs + Short Torso memo. I have to be careful which leotards I wear them with because unstretched they come a fair way up my ribcage!)

          Have to say I’ve not had the tutu+tights = velcro issue wearing them with my romantic tutu – there is a little cling when first on (seems to happen to everyone regardless of brand of tights, though) but once tutu is fluffed-smoothed settled it is fine. Foresee some comparison of tights to make certain of having Optimum Tights for our performance next month though…

      • candice says:

        I had some of those, they were the “Ultra Soft” hip riders. I had some that were “capri” that were never the right length….

        My favorite summer tights are some vintage footed bloch nylons with seams. The capezio #19 w/seams are ok but tend to develop holes. If your studio tends towards too hot, mesh is highly recommended. Hides nothing though, if you want your tights to have a slimming effect.

  9. Terez Mertes says:

    Waistbands, sigh, yes. Who do they make these tights for – exclusively adolescent girls? Call ’em women’s tights, they should fit REAL women. Oh. They don’t call them women’s tights.

    Ding! Marketing idea for them! Start making tights for women over twenty-one! Tights for moms. Tights for middle-agers. I’d be all over a product with a more relaxed waistline.

  10. Although the colors aren’t the BEST, I’ve discovered that Body Wrappers tights are SO comfortable. They’re super soft, and at least in the plus size (real plus size btw – I’m a size 20) the waist band doesn’t do that super squinchy thing making me look like two sausages stuff in casings…

  11. kaija24 says:

    Thanks for the review. I was curious about these but also hate shiny. Also, Capezio is notorious for having really tight waistbands! It’s not you…it’s the tights. theoldmaid had a good suggestion: just snip the elastic waistband a little on both sides to ease the fit. The tights will still stay up (trust me) and the segmented worm syndrome will be no more :) One of my friends even cuts out the elastic waistband completely.

    • Segmented worm!
      Wow, your friend cuts the elastic out?! They don’t try to slide off? I’d be scurred!

      • kaija24 says:

        She said that they might try to slide off if you were just wearing the tights by themselves or under regular clothes, but under leotards, they stay up and just blend right in for that smooth “dent-be-gone” look :)

  12. kiwiktn says:

    I’ve had to chop to waistband of my H&S too, because an XL that fits my (pre-baby) body everywhere else still causes segmented worm syndrom on me too. Darn you, Capezio! Need to try the GMs; “a couple of layers of tight fabric in a wide band” sounds like my kind of thing. That said, I do like the bit of hold the H&S have and that is what I was specifically looking for. With other soft tights I get the feeling that they become transparent around the thighs whilst the opaqueness pools around my calves.

    I’m not a big fan of shiny but I don’t find them as shiny as you describe.. it’s more like a sheen but not so much shine that it’s off-putting. BTW, they’re “88% Nylon, 12% Spandex Semi-opaque fabric”. The higher the nylon content, the less stretchy they are meant to be. The really soft ones I have are made of supplex or other “microfibres”.

  13. MM says:

    I haven’t been wearing tights and leotards, because of the very reason you note about the waistband but am willing to try now with all these great suggestions Any advice on leotards, ladies? My one problem is that I have a quite large bust.

    • backtothebarre says:

      I second that, I need something to hold the ladies in!! Right now I’m just rocking the sports bra/racerback tank look. :(

    • kiwiktn says:

      I wear the Capezio bra tek, which has a fully integrated bra with hooks and all. Works great for me! Would prefer it with a bit of cotton blended in, though, but that’s not a biggie for everyone.

      Otherwise I wear leos with wide straps or short sleeves, and wear a sports bra under it that doesn’t have a racer back (i. e. Normal straps). Just none of the fancy open-backed leos for those who don’t need to keep the girls from bouncing.

      • candice says:

        I wear those too, more supportive but still kinda shoehorned in there. The hips run small on the bratek (which is fine for me) but not everyone likes that.

        In the old days I used to wear ordinary short-sleeved leotards which will hide just about anything, and you look retro. :)

  14. I kinda want a pair of seamed tights. Just because they look cool and olde timey. Anybody got an opinion/recommendation on seamed tights?

    • Millie says:

      Don’t do it unless you have amazing turnout! They just accentuate any issues there. Another vote here for the GM tights. Wear Moi do nice ones too.

      • I do not have amazing turnout.
        But seamed tights are so cute!!!!!!!

        • kiwiktn says:

          I have an old pair I inherited from the bargain box at my dance school. I don’t have amazing turnout AND it only lasts whilst I have the floor’s friction keeping me there. I figure my straight legs make up for the lack of turnout though….. ;)

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