Pas de deuces.

Talking to a friend the other day,
Her daughter has been requesting this Barbie ballerina book like every night for story time, you know, probably like Barbie’s Pretty Pink Adventures As A Pretty Primadonna! And Friends! or something.
Don’t judge, you know you totally had that book when you were a kid too.
Anyway, so apparently in this book Barbie does a pas de deux, I’m assuming with Ken, but anyway so this means my friend has to say the words “pas de deux” out loud a whole bunch, and she’s feeling kinda awkward about the pronunciation, since she doesn’t do ballet or French, and I was like, “Really? Barbie doesn’t include a helpful pronunciation guide for the parents? She just leaves you to figure out “pas de deux” on your own?”
And she was like, “Yes, Barbie totally leaves us hanging.”
And I was like, “Well don’t worry, everyone sounds like an idiot when they say pas de deux.”
Pah day dhoo.
Paah duh doo.
Pahdeh dü.
Paddy duh.
Or maybe it’s just me that sounds like an idiot.
Happily for everyone, the adult beginner pretty much never has to say pas de deux IRL.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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7 Responses to Pas de deuces.

  1. jenerators says:

    pah d’der (silent r, for most Americans.)

  2. This made me laugh! I can’t believe they don’t include any explanation on how to pronounce it at all!

    • I know! It’s just cruel!
      Simultaneously cringing and laughing at the thought of all the kids out there drifting off to sleepy land with visions of Barbie’s beautiful “pass dee ducks” dancing in their heads.

      • But you guys… don’t you see this is just for kids to correct their parents? The probability of the young ones taking ballet classes and learning how to say that correctly is way higher than their mommies and daddies. So it could just be part of the world’s plan to make kids look smarter than us – aren’t you amazed at the things children say these days??

  3. guyenne says:

    More importantly to me, since I went through an phase of watching the Barbie movies as an adult when sick for a long period, they tied their pointe shoe ribbons ALL WRONG. The butchered French was a side note, and after a certain amount of Regency novels you somewhat stop noticing (bad French accents abound, since it was the fashionable thing for certain servants to pretend to be French).

  4. Millie says:

    Oh goodness, this reminds me of a really funny time years ago when I was having a DVD night with a few friends and we were watching Fosse, and this (perfectly intelligent) friend of mine, who must have been about 18 at the time, turned to me and said ‘Millie, what’s ‘pasta ducks?’

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