Something crazy happened in class the other day:
I caught myself actually looking forward to center.
Only took three frikin years.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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14 Responses to Centered.

  1. Trippmadam says:

    Perhaps you are getting better and therefore you are less scared of the open space. In my Flamenco class, there are improvisation exercises. You have to stand in front of the class. The teacher chooses some music and you are supposed to invent steps and moves out of the blue…
    I used to hate that, but one day it was like all the pieces fell into place, somehow.

  2. RO says:

    I hope that day will come for me too ;-) I don’t usually look forward to the center part of class, haha!

  3. rebekah says:

    maybe there is still hope for me that one day i will enjoy beats!

  4. Yeah, that’s the second phase, right after “I love my barre”. But then comes pointe, and center is twice as terrifying as it used to be!
    And some people say they like horror movies… they don’t know fear.

  5. MM says:

    There is hope for me yet. I am still in the “Cringe Phase” in my relationship with Center.

  6. 4dancers says:


  7. Zebra says:

    But how could you not love centre when it means you get to DANCE?! Really-truly dance: Barre is like scales & arpeggios & Exceptionally Dull Exercises – Centre is playing awesome pieces you can lose yourself in. Even if sometimes they are the dance equivalent of a selection from “Bach’s Difficult Passages For Oboe” (oh yes, some EVIL SADIST compiled & published that book). Centre is where you get to feel like you’re flying with 1-2-3-4 turns & grand allegro (en manège) *sigh* Seriously, Centre is wonderful. Even on the days where you keep falling off your leg trying to do the slowest developés in the world/promenade/penchée in attitude (etc etc blah) CENTRE IS STILL MADE OF AWESOME. Ahem. Yes.

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