Recycle those Ribbons

My old black suede sneakers finally kicked the bucket.
Ok really they died a while back but I had actually darned the holes in the suede and wore them all Franken-stitched for a whole ‘nother year because What Is Wrong With Me.
So, finally I sent them to live forever in the big shoe-closet in the sky via the trashcan, and bought a pair of boring canvas sneakers,
And painted a metallic toe cap on each because if you don’t fuck with it it’s not yours,
And in a moment of ballet-frugality, before throwing away the old shoes I pulled out the cream grosgrain ribbon laces and threw them in the wash and then actually ironed them, What Is Wrong With Me, to my mother-in-law’s great amusement.
She’s visiting again.
She says no one can ever make fun of her for ironing jeans again because she’s seen me press shoe laces.
I like how they turned out. Good enough for kicking around this summer, and probably for way too long after that.
Here’s a big high-five to ballet for making me the kind of person who recycles ribbons. Probably wouldn’t have even thought of it before sewing those pointes.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Recycle those Ribbons

  1. Andre says:

    Nice. Is that heatshrink on the ends?

    You should know that well-dressed men pay a pretty penny for flat silk laces with which to pimp up their shoes:

  2. Janet says:

    Good Job! I wonder what MIL does to personalize her shoes?

  3. Paulina says:

    If they are still good, I often use the old ribbons on new shoes. I must admit that I still have some old brown ribbons on my black flamenco shoes. It gives them this old-fashioned I-am-here-to-dance-some-really-serious-flamenco-and-not-to-please-the-gentlemen-look.Ironing the ribbons seems strange, but ballet dancers also iron the ribbons of their pointe shoes, right? (I do not remember, my pointe days are long gone.)

  4. kiwiktn says:

    I’m one of those that make fun of people who iron their jeans! However, I don’t have a problem with your ironing your shoelaces because you don’t wash and iron them every week (do you?) so it’s a one-off thing ;)
    Nice metallic toe cap, by the way, and I like the colour combos.

    • Definitely don’t wash and iron them every week. That would be crazytown. But they might get washed and ironed someday in the distant future if they outlive this pair of shoes too.

  5. Great DIY, AB!!
    I think you should consider doing this for others and sell online. Could be good to help pay for all those diapers! :-D
    And I’d rather iron the ribbon for tons of pointe shoes than facing my own pile of clothes – they keep staring at me. Freaks.

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