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Maybe I’ll just take the stairs.

Little pnuemonic device a lá Smirnoff: “My Dears! There is a difference between elevé and relevé! You cannot use the same word for both actions! They are different! Elevé, you go up right away. Like an elevator. You push the … Continue reading

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What a let down

This here is a photo of my latest not-so-glamorous ballet accessory: What the heck are these things? Disposable nursing pads, bitches! What the heck are they for? They go inside my sports bra in case I experience a let-down during … Continue reading

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Recycle those Ribbons

My old black suede sneakers finally kicked the bucket. Ok really they died a while back but I had actually darned the holes in the suede and wore them all Franken-stitched for a whole ‘nother year because What Is Wrong … Continue reading

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