Best Girl is a relative term

My class is an open level drop-in class, right?
So nobody ever know exactly who will show up, although there’s a general sense of which of the regulars show up on which of the days.
Anyway, so this one day, Best Girl never shows up. It’s just me and three other girls, and these other girls are newer to ballet and to Smirnoff’s class.
And Smirnoff has me demonstrate things for them.
The passé position.
Entrechat quartre facing the barre.
Sobresauts across the room.
And it occurs to me, Holy Crap, I Am Best Girl.
I mean, just that day and in that group, but dang.


About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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10 Responses to Best Girl is a relative term

  1. Paulina says:

    Somewhat scary, isn’t it? I still remember the first my teacher let me demonstrate something in a class (And I am not best girl and won’t ever be, because it is a very advanced class.The teacher just likes what I do with my arms, that’s all.)

  2. The Zebra Ballerina says:

    My main!balletteacher quite often puts newbs behind me at the barre. In the class where there are usually plenty of vocational students/pros/former-pros/teachers to pick from. It’s because she trusts me to Remember The Exercise And Do It As Set. It is also bloody terrifying. I think my very worst Called Upon To Demonstrate moment was when my original!balletteacher had me demonstrate an allegro exercise with her lifting me to show exactly how high & how far everything was to travel. Mwerk.

    However, yay you. Because it is still A Thing to be Best Girl. Yes, yes it is.

  3. karma007 says:

    I’m a (VERY) adult beginner and am sometimes the most experienced dancer, with my 46 lessons so far. Any 8 year old would be proud….

  4. yt says:

    It’s nice to be Best Girl, even for one class. For me, it’s an ego booster that can last for weeks. =)

  5. Blondie says:

    I’ve been Best Girl once or twice, and it’s an amazing feeling!!! Congrats. Then I moved to LA and started going to this new school where Everyone Is Good and Most Everyone Is Professional Anyway, and I am typically Second-to-Worst Girl. Rats.

  6. RainStorm says:

    Not completely “relative” – you have to be a pretty good standard if you’re asked to demonstrate :) Be proud!

  7. Okay, so I don’t know how I missed this post, but YAY FOR YOU! That is a great feeling and I’m happy for you!

  8. Tenisha says:

    I remember the first day I was involuntarily picked by one of my first teachers to be the “Second Best” girl- he stopped the class, music and all- and had everyone crowd around me while I was frozen into an uncomfortable position, partially paralyzed by fear and later shock that I had finally done something right. Felt great, even when I had to pop 6 Advil later =)

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