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Just now typing the word “entrechat”, I was suddenly really looking at the word for the first time and seeing that it ends in “chat” and wondering in a feeble non-French-speaking way if it has anything to do with cats? … Continue reading

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Best Girl is a relative term

My class is an open level drop-in class, right? So nobody ever know exactly who will show up, although there’s a general sense of which of the regulars show up on which of the days. Anyway, so this one day, … Continue reading

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Watercolor everywhere but not a drop in sight.

Just messing around with ArtRage. Ok so, seems like when I was a kid I remember all babies, like my sister for example, all babies wanted to get ahold of two things more than anything else in the world: the … Continue reading

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Scratch and Sketch Ballet

A friend gave this book to me, and before you are all, “Girl, please. That is a kid’s book and you are supposed to be a grown-up,” please to direct your attention to the subtitle, “An Art Activity Book for … Continue reading

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If you read Blood Memory three times in front of a mirror at midnight…

Omg the Adult Beginner is totes exhausted you guys. Decided it was time for The Baby to start sleeping in his crib, in his own room, instead of the increasingly-too-small-for-him bassinet right by my side of the bed, and It … Continue reading

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There is a roundness.

Smirnoff is still reminding me to think about my tummy, “Remember, my dear, pull in the tummy every time you go down into plié! And every time you go up into relevé!” And all the times in between too, right? … Continue reading

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Stick a fork in it

It’s done. That only took me, what, twelve days? FFS. Anyway! Did something different this time: pulled the elastic drawstring tighter at the inner side of the foot only, and stitched through in two places to anchor it, then loosened … Continue reading

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