How long will it take to eat this elephant. I mean these shoes. I mean whatever.

Before class the other day, Triple G pulls out this pair of slippers, and then throws them back in her bag and says, “Damn! I keep forgetting to sew these!”
And I’m like, “Right? I’ve got a pair like that too.”
And she’s like, “yeah but…you sew!”
And I’m like, “so?”
And she’s like, “So, you probably have all the stuff you need to sew yours already at home, right?”
And I’m like “yeah?”
And she’s like, “So what’s the problem?”
And I’m like, “What-evs!”
And we both laugh and put on our old shoes and go to the barre.
See here’s the thing-
Here’s one of the things about having a baby around that really appeals to me as a person who sews: there’s all this fabric!
Gauze swaddling blankets and flannel receiving blankets and terry burp cloths and fleece blankets and crocheted blankets and handmade quilts and hooded towels and now that I’m transitioning into cloth diapers there are all these nice fluffy unbleached cotton pre-folds, and I use all these fabric things and I really enjoy seeing them fresh out of the dryer and all folded into neat stacks of fluffy warm fabric and then getting to wrap up the baby or spread one on the floor for him to play on, or whatever,
Feels very wholesome and home-stead-y.
But the thing that I don’t have is the large chunks of time needed to really get into any kind of sewing project.
I mean really, I just hemmed a skirt for myself, which is a job that takes about thirty minutes tops, but in this case it took four days.
It was all about finding little bits of time between singing silly songs and changing tiny clothes and holding the baby so he could admire that handsome baby in the mirror.
And that’s cool, that’s just the way it is.
But I haven’t sewn my shoes because I have an attitude problem about starting any new project I can’t finish in one sitting.
But then I remembered that saying that many people have said, including Smirnoff,
You know, the one about:
How Do You Eat An Elephant?
One Bite At A Time
And so I figured if I’m ever going to get to wear these shoes I’ve got to break it up.
So here’s the first bite:


Assembling The Team.
Got my shoes, got my thread, got my scissors, got my pins and a needle.
That’s good enough for now.

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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6 Responses to How long will it take to eat this elephant. I mean these shoes. I mean whatever.

  1. Diane says:

    Oh, yes! With a new baby you do indeed need to do things bit – by – bit and take any snippets of time you find!
    And, do continue to enjoy all the time with your marvelous miracle of a baby! Even the hard times and the sleepless and frustrated times!
    So soon he will be a wonderful, quizzical toddler, and then a fascinating child, then an inscrutable teen… and then a good friend but perhaps far away. :)

    well, not quite THAT quickly, but you get my drift.

  2. I cringe a little whenever someone asks me if I make all my own clothes. Are you kidding? I have pants I hold together with safety pins. No joke.

  3. Anony Mouse says:

    i have the same shoes. i actually wore them as-is and tied the elastic around my ankles! it was comfortable the first time so i kept wearing them like that until self loathing made me fix them up properly. i have several sewing machines at home, tons of sewing supplies and i hand sew too! ugh the shame.

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