Think I can still fit the kitchen sink in there

What is in my dance bag:

What should be in my dance bag:

Srsly, why are my pointe shoes still in there? It’s been well over a year since class fell apart. What a dork.
Also, it’s time to sew those new shoes instead of just carrying them around.
Also, why are my old slippers still in there? What do I think I am, some kinda Ballerina who needs a back-up pair in case I dance my current pair into shreds during my hour-fifteen class? Shuh!

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Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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22 Responses to Think I can still fit the kitchen sink in there

  1. guyenne says:

    I’ve actually lent out old shoes to people, as well as safety pins/sewing thread/bobby pins/medical tape/band-aids/etc. Also, I found that I need to have both canvas and leather shoes depending on which studio was used at the last place I danced – they had 3, and it made a difference to me.

  2. I carry ballet slippers in my regular purse because you never know when you might need to slip into a phone booth and save the world with a pirouette!

    • loveablestef says:

      Too funny! The world does need more pirouettes! And now I don’t feel so bad about forgetting my slippers in my bag and finding them at work!

    • Kat says:

      “I carry ballet slippers in my regular purse because you never know when you might need to slip into a phone booth and save the world with a pirouette!”

      ^ This! This makes my day. Thank you!

  3. chrisgo says:

    I carry my pointe shoes too, and like you I haven’t worn them in a class in ages.

  4. Haha! When I was looking at that first photo, my first thought was “aren’t those her old slippers? Why are those in there?” :P That being said, I’ve been known to keep a pair of foot undeez in the side pocket of my dance bag just in case I need a spair pair of slippers and don’t have anything else. Why have I ever actually *used* the foot undeez? Once or twice, at home, within the first week of purchasing them…

  5. karma007 says:

    As an adult beginner myself (35 classes and counting) I found this post to be hysterical. And spot on.

  6. I wish I HAD a backup pair last night. I forgot that I had untied the elastic on the front of one slipper after I had finally sewed them (new ones hanging out like yours) because I wasn’t happy with the tie. But when I forgot about it, it slipped into the nether regions of the shoe. I danced floppy last night. I, too, was carrying around this giant bag with all these “just in case” things in it. Now I take my shoes, phone and water (I live close enough where I don’t even need my wallet). BAM! I love packing light, but I hate the feeling of regret when I’ve forgotten something.

  7. rebekah says:

    haha! i used to always be laughed at for having so many old pointe shoes in my locker at the Opera House….but you never know when you might need them…..

  8. kaija24 says:

    Hahaha…I have this problem too. Eventually I decide my dance bag is too cluttered with crap and start moving the essentials to a new dance bag (basically a zippered mesh lingerie bag, of which I have many). Then the “new” bag becomes cluttered and I start the process all over again :)

  9. diane says:

    I suppose most of us are still gatherers – and perhaps hunters – at heart.

    The only way I have found to really get rid of excess stuff is to move to a different apartment or house which is far away and _smaller_.
    So, perhaps getting a new dance-bag which is smaller would help?? (further away is silly…)

    On second thought … probably not. ;)

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