Thinking about it right now even.

Sure enough, Pull In Your Tummy has become the new Hold Your Chin Up.
I hear about my tummy about 1727554577329928376 times during class.
And somehow this doesn’t even annoy me.
It’s like, yeah, I do need to pull in my tummy! Pregnant Timez got me out of the habit of doing it automatically, now I need to relearn.
And it’s not embarrassing because… I don’t know why.
It’s more funny than annoying or embarrassing, like funny that Smirnoff and Lé Assistant just don’t self-edit for the sake of people’s feelings, and that’s kinda hilarious and awesome.
So at the end of class, I’ve got my stuff all together and I’m walking out to the lobby to put my sneakers on, and Lé Assistant shouts after me,
“Remember to think about your tummy!”
And I totally laugh because:
Thank you for the super-helpful reminder, Captain Obvious.
I probably would have thought of my tummy without the reminder, as most of my real pants still don’t fit, but yes, now that you mention it I will totally think about my tummy.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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4 Responses to Thinking about it right now even.

  1. mladen says:

    This reminded me of a talk with my ballet teacher.
    I’m basically a hobbit and she’s describing one day how she went to an amazing ballet performance with this “incredible dancer, beautiful, fabulous posture and turnout, amazing jumps. Too bad he’s short, that means no lead parts for him. You know, it just doesn’t happen in ballet if you’re short.”
    And of course she is super tall and I’m looking up during the whole conversation.
    But nevermind, very funny post.

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