Fondu with extra melt

So we’re at the barre,
And Smirnoff is messing around with his cd’s, taking one out, putting a new one in.
New music for the fondu series,
He presses play and there’s a kind of elaborate and frilly piano intro, so we all do a big emotional arm preparation,
And then the fondus: one regular, one with a relevé, to the front, side, back, side again, lots of drama in the music, makes it a very yearning kind of fondu, then we whirl around and wait in fifth while he stops the cd and replays the same track, but before he presses play this time he says to me,
“My Dear. This is the music you gave me. From my mother.”
Gentle Reader, I am so thrilled. Thrilled!
I guess while I was gone someone got ahold of the iPod and burned him some cd’s, which is kind of a roundabout way to do it, but whatever, yay! He is actually using the music! The music that was completely inaccessible in those old reel-to-reels, he’s actually using it!
So when he said that, I totally fell out of my preparatory arms fifth position ballet posture and totally melted into a huge goofy smile and just said something dorky like, “I’m so glad!” and then he said, “Yes” and then pressed play and fundu means To Melt and these were the melty-est fondus of all time.

About adultbeginner

Had my first ballet class Ever at the advanced age of thirty-two. Yikes.
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13 Responses to Fondu with extra melt

  1. Owwwnnnn I have melted reading this too!!
    So you just had to be away for a few months and have a baby so he could find the time to figure out how to use the music in the iPod. I guess everyone has their own way to get things done! :)

  2. I found your blog yesterday and now I’m hooked! I’ve been reading your archives about your experiences with pointe, and I so so so hope you get start up again! I love your dedication and your involvement and closeness with your Mr. Smirnoff.

    I’m not an adult beginner, I’m more of an adult-can’t-let-go-of-ballet-er. I used to take the advanced class at a university for about a year, and sometimes this tiny, ancient Russian lady would come to class wearing dark green leotard and tights, flowery skirt, and a garland of fake flowers in her hair. She was awesome and would talk quietly to me at the barre about how it was an OOBBBESSSEEESSSIOOONNNN in a really heavy Russian accent. She made me realize that it’s never too late to dance, you never get too old. Yay!

  3. Teri says:

    Tickled to hear this news about the music!!! It has been a nagging thought ever since I read that post about The Music Project …. whatever did Smirnoff do about that music?? Would he ever figure it out? Ah, now we know. I’m so glad, too.

  4. loveablestef says:

    Your blog always makes me smile. And go for the garland in your hair! That would be chez manifique! Life is too short so do it!

  5. Adrienne says:

    Yay, so happy to hear! Haven’t written a comment for a long while, but been following and enjoying your (motherhood) adventures and so happy you’re back in class and we’ve got Smirnoff stories again, and this one is just the most fabulous one! It does make your heart melt :) !

  6. Allison says:

    Oh, that is lovely, lovely, lovely! Truly happy-making.

  7. mladen says:

    Just awesome

  8. anja says:

    This may sound utterly ridiculous, but I stumbled upon your amazing blog the other day and have been reading through it since (instead of doing some actual work and whatnot). This Smirnoff Music Story had me all blubbering, it’s the sweetest thing ever! I’m a fellow adult beginner from Croatia, started 3 years ago and started pointe work a little over a month ago. It’s such an addiction, this ballet thing!

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